Nanowrimo. An update and a thought.

When today is over, one third of Nanowrimo is over.

Dear reader, after doing four years of Nanowrimo, the national novel writing month, it is still an exciting journey to embark on for me. After all, this is a way of writing that defies most ‘laws’ of writing. You sit down and you start writing, often without much of an idea where your story will end (or start!), what the characters will do or if you even like them. (Or should that be “if they even like you”?)

As I am writing this entry, I have just written a part in this year’s Nanowrimo story that utterly surprised me. The story at this moment is about a meeting between Priscilla and Magdanovitch. This meeting was already a strange event for me to happen, I had not meant or aimed for this. And at this moment, they are walking (arm in arm!) through a street in the neighbourhood  where “Mags” lives, and they are surrounded by a group of children in colourful clothes.

Talk about surprising. Let me tell you, dear reader, that I have no plans with the two people, nor do they. Not with each other, nor with me. At least they have not mentioned anything along those lines.

And isn’t this something that happens in real life as well? You have no plan, or a well-defined plan, and suddenly you can find yourself in an entirely different situation than you aimed for? As if a higher force, the writer of your life’s story, suddenly has a new idea for you and scratches out all the paragraphs that so far were written for you.

If this is really so, I hope that our writers like us, and supply us with nice life-chapters. 😉

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