Nanowrimo 2011 for me is over.

For me, Nanowrimo 2011 is over. As is obvious, I made the official goal of 50.000 words, but that was not my personal goal. That was twice the amount, and I achieved that on the evening of 26 November. The entire story, unedited and full of errors as it is, clocked in at 101.269 words, a feat of which I am very proud.

Writing so much in so little time is more for me than an insane act of keyboard-assault, dear reader, or as the Nanowrimo site calls it: Literary abandon. It is about getting into a very intense relationship with the characters in the story, going from zero to infinity in no more than writing the first paragraph. I started the life of characters I did not know, in an environment I have in a way borrowed from the movie Blade Runner. The story took off and took me with it, for many hours and words a day. (It is an average of 3750 words per day.)

And then, 27 days after that ludicrous start and build-up of the story, the background of the characters and finally the culmination of it all, it is over. It is a very strange feeling, which overcomes me every time I finish a work of fiction. It’s done, and it will not come back the way it was. The life of the characters changed, and with theirs my life changed as well.

In a few days the feeling will go away. Until then, I know, I will not be writing a lot, even when there is so much else that needs / wants to be written, edited, and reread. That will happen.

For the fifth year, Nanowrimo took me on a magnificent journey, diving into the madness, not paying attention to the bends in the road, cutting corners and luring danger out into the open together with my characters. Them in the field, me behind the keyboard trying to write everything down in real-time.


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