Is there hope for e-publishing after all?

This, dear reader, may be a very strange question, but from my point of view as a reader of e-books, it feels a valid one.

Many times I have tried to purchase e-books through many of the known sources like Kobobooks, Diesel E-books, Barnes and Noble, etc. Many of these times I was presented with the notification that the desired book was not available for sale in my territory, which is quite annoying. I prefer reading (e-)books in English, and those are nearly never available in the Netherlands in that language. Attempting to buy them from British suppliers fails equally hard then. More annoying is that I try to hand the industry my money and they do not want it, for some odd reason, yet they keep complaining that they are suffering from piracy. But I shall not go into that.

This afternoon I heard that the third book in the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfeld, named Goliath, is available. Just to make sure that the e-publishing industry is still up to its annoying standards, I signed into and attempted to purchase said book. It would fail, but without trying there is no reason to whine some more.

But then it happened. I was able to buy the book. Contrary to Leviathan and Behemoth, I was able to give them my money and officially acquire Goliath. Perhaps this is a mistake (never underestimate an industry), but if this is for real, and my right to possess the book is not revoked (this has happened to users of software by e.g. Apple Inc., so nothing is beyond that idea) then this might well and just be a giant inching forward into the real world by the e-publishing industry.

Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld

And, dear reader, if you like steampunk books, I can very much recommend these books by Scott Westerfeld.

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