Hilda’s adventures on paper

The amazing, dear reader, may actually come true. This morning I spent a lot of time working on arranging for the first book of Hilda the wicked witch to be printed.

So far the first proof copy has yet to be made, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. For this joyous (well, I hope it will be such) I do have to wait a few weeks, as printing will happen in the United States, and the book will have to travel over the large waters, all the way to my humble residence in the Netherlands.

Last evening I had a very enjoyable conversation with a friend, over dinner. Inevitably writing and books were part of the conversation. She told me that she would really love to read about Hilda’s adventures, but she is not the type for electronic reading. I admitted that I had attempted to get a paper version of Hilda’s first done, but all these attempts stranded in frustration and other unpalatable things. Yet, this morning I decided to give this publishing idea another go.

The cover of the paper book, if all goes well, should resemble the following picture:

I shall of course keep you informed on the progress of this project.

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