Book review – The Written

Title: The Written
Author: Ben Galley
Genre: Fantasy

The Written, to me, is a very interesting book. I love it when someone creates a world that is alive, has many people in it, and sounds and feels old. There is magic ‘in the air’ from the first pages. Ben Galley, a young British writer, has done a very good job in creating the world of the Arka and the Sirens, where ordinary people and mages live, and dragons fly.

The Mages are real people who are not invulnerable, who have definitely human traits, habits and weaknesses, which makes them very ‘approachable’ and understandable to the reader. Farden, the main character in The Written, sets off on a journey to prevent disaster. The things he endures and encounters on all his journeys are delightfully detailed without drowning the reader in too many details. As the story unfolds, and the true antagonist is revealed, the story takes on quite a fast pace to unravel all the mysteries.

Absolutely a nice read, written in a good style and setting. And the latest news on his website is that the sequel to The Written is almost done (as in “it is in editing”).

If you want to get in touch with Ben, you can go to:
Twitter: @bengalley
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