Book review: Heartless

Title: Heartless
Author: Gail Carriger
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk

It almost does not feel fair to review a book by Gail Carriger. She can’t lose, in my book. (And no, I am not sorry for this. ;-))

I have enjoyed all three books in the Parasol Protectorate series tremendously so far, and this one, the fourth in the series, was no different. I admit to not having reviews of the previous books on-site, but if you appreciate steampunk and humour, mixed with a strongheaded woman, werewolves and vampires, you will not be disappointed.

Alexia Maccon, born Tarabotti, sets out to new adventures in this book, and this time they all happen near London again. Her husband, Conal Maccon, Madame Lefoux and Lord Akeldama are present (of course, I should say), and also the queen of a particular vampire hive is very visible again.

Ghosts with interesting and highly garbled messages and the occasional porcupine pave the path of our preternatural Alexia in this book, who is determined to figure it all out, accompanied by Biffy and the child-inconvenience. If you appreciated the earlier books, you should not miss this one.

You can find Heartless in print at and as e-book  at Diesel Ebooks. You can visit Miss Carriger’s website through this link, and here you can visit her Livejournal weblog.

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