A blogpost on TheDigitalReader about “World Reader” drew my attention.

What is WorldReader?

E-readers and e-books. They are normal things for us, for many among us they are daily goods. WorldReader wants to use them to change the world. Using e-readers and e-books, they want to educate the people who usually are not able to get to this kind of information, and ignite the love of reading in as many people as possible. WorldReader wants to help others, so shouldn’t we try to help WorldReader get into the eyes of the e-book world?


E-readers and e-books are much easier to transport and distribute because of their size and weight. They can be charged with simple solar panels etc. And they save trees.

If you want and can, post a link to their site or this post, mention them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Diaspora, wherever you think it might help.


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