The art of words

How many words are there, dear reader (and dear writer as well)?

As we know, there are lots of words. Enough words to fill encyclopedias and enormous libraries. Yet most of these words are the same ones, used over and over again, merely placed in a different sequence.

Wordofart by John Toth

There is a finite number of words, even when their number grows every day, every week. The art of words is not in the words themselves, but in the hands and minds of the people who utilise them, who take each word, judge it for its value and either apply it or put it aside for a later time.

Those people are the writers. The authors. The ones who takes that bundle of words and braid it, organise and modify it, push, prod and squeeze it until something entirely new comes from them. Something that perhaps, some day, goes into a library.

Not all of us writers and authors are considered the same level of word-artists as the very famous ones perhaps, but for me, everyone who dares to venture into this word-mongering is valuable.

Never think that what you write is worthless. Even if you alone read what you wrote, it serves a purpose. It adds to the word-art.


2 thoughts on “The art of words”

  1. It’s not the number of words but the way in which they are combined. All you have to do is look at many of the wise sayings that are kicking around from the likes of Confucius. It would be an interesting exercise to see how many different words he used throughout his writings. And then compare that to late Joyce or early Beckett.

  2. That is really a good one, Jim. The tool itself does not do the work, it is the eye of the master that makes it come to life.

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