Book review – The Sorcerer’s House

Title: The Sorcerer’s House
Author: Gene Wolfe
Genre: Fantasy

At first I was a bit surprised, reading this book. The form in which it is written is quite unusual (I shall refrain from what it is, that’s something for you to discover), but once I had gotten used to it, I loved the idea. And getting used to the format was quite easy, I should add.

Baxter Dunn, a man freshly released from prison, suddenly finds himself in a plenitude of strange happenings in the small town of Medicine Man where he occupies a simple hotel room. Puzzled, he ventures on, meeting people who help him understand more and more of what is going on, but at the same time these people (are all of them people?) often manage to add to the confusion.

Bax, as he is known to friends, learns a lot about his past and his family in this story which is permeated with magic and interesting creatures, the more the tale progresses.

I was however slightly disappointed by the manner that Mr. Wolfe ended the story. It was as if he had lost interest and wanted to put the story to an end rather quickly. This could have been done in a much more elaborate and satisfying way. For this reason I gave the book 4 stars instead of 5.

A large and mysterious house, a slender fox, a fascinating twin and quite the remarkable butler are wonderful characters and locations in this book. I dare say these are the ingredients for a recommended read for people who like fantasy, magic and the occasional puzzle.

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