Baffled, still.

Yes, dear reader, I am baffled again. Still. Sometimes it does not take much to achieve that. Especially when it comes to utterings of appreciation concerning the stories or books that I have written.

I started writing the Hilda stories in July 2009. That is little over two years ago. In that time, up to now, 7 books have come to life and found their way to many people’s e-readers, computers, telephones and whatever other devices people come up with to read on, and book eight is nearing completion.

A while ago I posted a little status update on my Facebook author page, on the progress of the eighth book. Immediately someone responded:

So the newest one is ready???? I cannot wait, so excited…..reading one after the other right now.

This surprised me. Are people really waiting that anxiously for more of what I write? It is flattering of course. Still I shan’t write any faster, just to push out book after book. I write for my own pleasure as well as that of the reader, and I want to keep up and improve the quality of writing that (I think, hope) I have built up over the years. Speeding up will definitely have a negative influence on that.

I wonder… again… Are there other writers, authors who happen to read this, who experience similar ‘fan‘-tastic responses to their work? How do you deal with that?

I shall go back to pondering the deviousness of the next Hilda book now, and anticipating the coming of Nanowrimo. Have a good Sunday everyone!

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