The seventh book, and writing in general

Yes, there is a seventh Hilda book. For a long time it was under scrutiny of my inner editor, and I found someone friendly and helpful enough to proofread it and slap me over the head if there are wrong connections and other mistakes. And there were several! (Thank you, Carol! You’re hired for book 8 as well!)

It is amazing how much pleasure and satisfaction I find in writing. Most of the fun is in the Hilda books of course. She is an amazing character to write. At times I just collapse behind the keyboard for laughter, and when I regained myself I always hope that the readers of the story will find as much pleasure in there as I do. The short stories of Lily Marin are so different. Those are the very difficult ones to write for me. There is so much going inside and around her, so much stuff she is dealing with while she wants to fit in despite being afraid to fit in, her fear of her alter ego being found out.

Sometimes I read again some of the stories I wrote. The antics of Hilda make me grin, that never fails. Is it strange to read (and laugh) your own stories, I wonder? Do other authors do that as well? For me it is a way to see what I did wrong, to find places and ways that I can improve my writing, as well as seeing how it has changed already. For that reason for instance I reworked the first Hilda story and put that out on Smashwords and Amazon.

And the final word is on Hilda too: I have started to write book 8. It is progressing nicely.


Have a good weekend, everyone!

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