Proven ways to increase your creativity

Someone I know posted this link to an excellent article on how to improve your creativity as a copywriter.

The post is not very long, and an interesting read as well.

Here is a sample of the text, to wet your appetite. Or not.

As copywriters we are constantly fuelled by our own creativity. It’s what separates us from people who can write but who can’t do it well. It’s what we’re paid for – to generate interesting and new ideas and then to apply and illustrate them. But the creative process is a strange thing. It is something that we grow to both love and hate. There is nothing more exciting and enjoyable than thinking up a new idea but there’s also nothing worse than being stuck with writers block.

After producing my first few hundred seo articles I realised very quickly that my ability to be creative was defining my success. In times of creative triumph I would be able to whisk out several engaging articles in the space of a few hours whereas in a creative lull it would take me a day to finish one piece. I decided that I wanted to know more about why I was being creative at  specific times and how I could tap into this state of mind whenever I wanted to. I ended up buying “59 seconds” by Professor Richard Wiseman which promised a whole chapter on enhancing creativity.

What made the book so attractive to me was the emphasis that it placed on evidence and research. I am naturally a very sceptical person and so I was only interested in advice that had been verified and confirmed. Professor Wiseman did not let me down. The book cites well over 100 different studies of research and offers practical advice that can be used to improve all aspects of day to day life. I was so impressed by the effect his creativity chapter had on the way I write that I decided I had to share what I had learned. Below is the best advice for improving creativity I have ever received.


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