Banned book week in the USA

Some ink. A ream of paper. And a bunch of words. That is what makes a book. Lately, also electronics come into view for books.

Books can be threatening. They can be kept away from believers by the people who run religions. They can be kept away from the ordinary folk by the people who run governments.

From September 24th until October 1st it is Banned Books Week in the United States. (Read more here.)

It is all about books that scare the bejeebus out of people in powerful places. Books that open up what should remain covered, books that tell what should remain untold.

Does your country have a “banned books” list? If yes, how many are on that list? And is that list freely available, or is it kept under lock and key for the safety of freedom?

How well does your country or government deal with rebellious thoughts and extra-ordinary ideas and opinions that emerge from books?

Books. Are they something to be scared of?

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