A word on Hilda’s stories.

It’s Hilda for friends, otherwise known as Grimhilda.

Through the endless ways of the Internet I discovered that people wonder if the Hilda books are child-safe.

Here is the short answer: No, I did not write the Hilda books for children.

Here is the long answer for whom is interested: it all depends on what you consider a child. I would say that her stories are suitable for people age 16 and up. This is due to Hilda’s preference to sometimes use stronger language. I am convinced that younger people have heard a lot stronger language than what is used in the books, but 16 I think is a safe age to make as sure as possible that nobody gets unnecessarily upset.

So please let yourself not be fooled by the fact that Hilda appears in the revisited fairy tale of Snow White (available on Smashwords and Amazon). No matter how much I am trying to sweet-talk you into downloading the book (yes, please do, it should be a fun read, and as it is for free you have nothing to lose!), I would suggest that you read it yourself first and then decide if it is safe for your child.

I prefer to stay away from obscenities and sex scenes in my writing, but there are certainly adult insinuations. Hilda is a grown-up witch, even when some of her actions prove the opposite, but that is how things go in her world.

To the people who are looking for the child-safe version of Hilda, please wait for the first book of Charisma the wicked witch to be published.

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