Writing prompt: Spare Parts

Sometimes I write a short piece starting from a writing prompt. One of those prompts was “spare parts”. The next short piece is what resulted from that prompt.

The ring.

Priscilla visited her friend, the gadget-maker. His name was Magdanovitch. Mags, for friends.

“Mags, you should clean up here. It still looks like a junk yard here.” Priscilla ran her finger over a table; her action left a clear line on the table and a dark grey stain on her finger.

“Cleaning up here is lethal. This entire place is my spare parts box,” Magdanovitch stated.

“You always say that.” Priscilla moved through the “spare parts box” and picked up a ring from a table laden with objects large and small. The ring was a simple golden affair with a nearly illegible inscription. “What’s this?”

“That? Oh, an invisibility ring I made. But it malfunctions.” Mags rummaged in a box and barely glanced at his friend. Priscilla was not bothered by that, it was typically Mags.

She wondered how a ring could malfunction though, so she slipped it on her finger. Immediately the entire room and everything in it became a grey, shapeless blur. No more table next to her, no more Magdanovitch and no box. She saw herself, her extended hand and the finger, but everything else had become a dull nothing.

“Mags?” Priscilla barely heard her own voice. It was as if she was talking inside a ball of cotton. “Magdanovitch?” There was no response. She called her friend’s name, as loud as she could, but it made no difference. She shrugged and took the ring from her finger. Immediately everything was normal again, down to the smudge on her finger.

“I see what you mean,” the girl said. She stared at the inscription one more time, before she tossed the ring back on the table. Then she looked for something to clean her finger with. “It’s probably a slip in the writing.”

“Yeah, that was my idea too,” Mags nodded. “That, or I used some crap gold. Come, I’ll fix us some tea. I have scones too.”

“Not the ones from last time, I hope?” Priscilla asked as she followed Mags to the door. Her last visit had been several weeks ago.

“No. At least I think not.”

I wonder… would you like to see more of these snippets?

One thought on “Writing prompt: Spare Parts”

  1. Hi, Paul~

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m the first person to review Hilda: Snow White Revisted on Amazon under the name Ellen Beaucoup. I gave it a 5-star very positive review. I, did, however, caution that it was inappropriate for children — trust me, parents /potential readers will be happy to know this as often a book like this can find itself in the hands of a young reader because it is a fairytale and result in negative reviews. I’m so glad that you’re finally having people pay for the enjoyment of your talent.

    Let’s stay in touch. I’ve also written a fairytale retelling — a trilogy — which I’m strongly thinking of self-publishing even though I have an agent. I love the whole new “frontier” world of self-publishing — and I think we independent writers need to be there to support one and other.

    Paul, you are an inspiration and I will continue to support your writing Wishing you much success!

    My best~ els

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