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Writer’s Block

Reposted as something that can be reblogged. ON WRITER’S BLOCK.

Original at Neil Gaiman’s tumblr: I’ve seem to be hitting writer’s block far too often now. My grade in my creative writing class is suffering because i don’t turn in anything because i’m never really satisfied with anything i do. all my good ideas seem to turn into bad ones once i write it down. How do you get pass… (more…)

“I don’t know how to start.”

This is what I read on a forum I occasionaly visit, dear reader. Same problem as always… I have no idea how to start. I think the fact that I’ve been trying to write on my idea – on and off – for the past 11 years doesn’t help the situation very much… … and I’m developing a cold. All… (more…)

Writer’s block

Strangest request ever (so far). A friend called me and asked if I could help an author friend of hers. This author lady hit writer’s block and hopes I can help her through that. Oy. I thought up a few things and sent them to her. She said they actually seem to work! I’m going to list here what I… (more…)