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Lily Marin – the novel. An update.

Dear reader, You may already know Lily Marin, my steampunk heroine. Maybe you don’t. Either way, the novel is progressing fabulously. The novel is mostly through the editing process and I’m very pleased with the result. Did you know that Marin originally is a Romanian name? I didn’t know that until someone told me this. You might be surprised to hear who… (more…)

Freado.com’s Steampunk Festival

Dear Reader Remember to check out Freado.com’s Steampunk Festival. There is a chance to win the paperback with all six Lily Marin’s short stories!

5 star review of Bactine

Dear reader, I discovered a very nice review for Bactine on the  Apple Ibook store: Wow, I just finished Bactine today, and was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book. I have never read a book where the environment of the main character was transformed so much while still successfully pulling off a solid and believable storyline. There is nothing more drab… (more…)

Book mention – Beneath gray skies

Title: Beneath gray skies Author: Hugh Ashton Genre: Steampunk Beneath Gray Skies. I tried to read it. The book doesn’t click with me so I gave up on it, but still I thought I’d mention it as there are definitely people who will like it. Beneath Gray Skies starts in an alternate world where the South and the North of the… (more…)

Book review – The Bone Key

Title: The Bone Key Author: Sarah Monette Genre: Steampunk Mystery Rating:  The Bone Key is a surprising book. Meet Kyle Murchison Booth, who works in a museum where he catalogues items. In the number of short stories in this book, that follow up on each other and show more and more of Mr. Booth’s life, thoughts and past, we encounter all… (more…)

Book review – the source of lightning

  Title: The Source of Lightning Author: Donna K. Fitch Genre: Steampunk Rating:    The Source of Lightning is written by an independent writer. I tend to drift towards indie writers more and more, probably because I am one myself. But that aside. The start of this book is surprising. It’s a steampunk book but starts out feeling like a western.… (more…)

Indie Promotion – The source of lightning

Dear reader, Mondays in Autumn can be dreary, but there is always something to look forward to. Perhaps for you that is today’s Indie Promotion: The source of lightning by Alexandria Publishing Group author Donna K. Fitch Ebook Short Description: Now disgraced, Richard Davisson was once celebrated in newspapers and dime novels for his daring exploits apprehending mail train robbers.… (more…)

Steampunk books on paper

Dear reader, I bring good tidings. The 6 short stories of Lily Marin and also Bactine are now available on paper. Both of them are as of now available through my own little bookstore on Lulu.com, my spotlight. If you have been waiting for paper versions of these books: they are here!

Lily Marin – the book

Dear reader, This title may make you wonder. Why ‘the book’? There are already 2 books. Yes, there are 2 books with 3 short stories each. However, considering the success of these two books and mainly the wonderful feedback I received, I am venturing into writing a proper book about Lily Marin, the singer with her mysterious background. I don’t… (more…)

Lily Marin book 2 now on Amazon

Dear reader, At time the speed of all things Internet surprise me. Amazon.com assured me that it would take about 12 hours before book 2 of Lily Marin would be available. Alas, the book is already in the many stores around the interworld. Lily Marin, three short steampunk stories book 2 is available in the Amazon stores of the USA,… (more…)