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A Girl Named Sandy

Dear Reader, Finally, after literally years of work, the book that started as a dream in Bristol has come to life, and now it’s available online! For now the e-book is available via Smashwords, Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobobooks should follow soon! You can find the paperback on Lulu.com.  

Read an E-book week at Smashwords

Yes, dear reader,   It’s happening again. Over at Smashwords the ‘read an e-book week’ promotion is off again, and I am participating. If you felt reluctant to read some of my titles, here’s your chance to get one or more of them with a 50% discount. The books that are up for that this week are Green Haven, The Story of the Mimosa, Charisma… (more…)

Smashwords teams up with Oyster

Dear Reader, This is an excerpt from the Smashwords Blog from September 6th: “Smashwords today announced a distribution agreement with Oyster, a new and innovative ebook subscription service. Oyster offers consumers unlimited access to more than 100,000 ebooks for $9.95 per month. I’ve been following the ebook subscription space for some time. As an ebook distributor, our job is to… (more…)

Your Nook and ‘foreign’ books

Dear reader, Many a question and search have passed, but now it’s clear – even to me – how you can add a book to your Nook that did not come from the Barnes&Noble Nookstore. I understand this issue as B&N, good a shop as they are, often are not the fastest in having new books up for sale. So,… (more…)

Smashwords Publishes 5 Billion Words

from Smashwords, by Mark Coker. Smashwords today released its 5 billionth word. The number is difficult to grasp.  These words form 138,071 books. If you typed at 25 words a minute without pause, it would take 200 million minutes to write 5 billion words.  3.3 million hours.  If you typed 8 hours a day, it would take 416,600 days, or 1,141 years. … (more…)

Now here’s a surprise

Dear reader, You may have heard of an enterprise called Apple. You know, they have Macs and iphones and ipads and ibooks. Oh, wait, make that e-books. Forbes.com has an interesting article on where Apple’s online e-book-store gets most of its titles: As the CEO of Smashwords, a 14-person company in Los Gatos, Calif., Coker gives authors free self-publishing software that… (more…)

Lily Marin, book 2

Dear reader, Yes, book 2 with 3 new stories of Lily Marin is available on Smashwords, and soon also on Amazon Kindle. For a free download from Smashwords, click here. As soon as the Amazon Kindle versions are available, I’ll let you know.

Alexandria Publishing Group

Dear reader, On June 1st 2012, the Alexandria Publishing Group, of which I am a proud member, was officially launched. To celebrate this, my book “The Devil’s Diary“, will be FREE for Saturday June 2nd 2012 and Sunday June 3rd on Smashwords.com. Follow this link to download the book. The whole team of the Alexandria Publishing Group hopes you will enjoy this book,… (more…)

How Smashwords smashed PayPal’s erotica publishing restrictions

Fast Company has an interview with Mark Coker of Smashwords in which he discusses the recent moves by PayPal to force removal from sale of certain categories of erotica, and how public pressure from writers, readers, the press, and others was able to make the company (and the credit card companies behind it) back down. He also expresses his opinions on the agency pricing anti-trust lawsuits. Perhaps the… (more…)

The Devil’s Diary

Dear reader, It is done. The Devil’s Diary is now officially available through several channels:   The Devil’s Diary - Experience a month in the life of the devil, and see that it is not all brimstone and roses. (Note: this book is not for the religiously faint of heart!) E-book available at Smashwords (many formats), and all Amazon stores (Kindle only).