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Reviews for Hilda’s 10th adventure

Dear reader, As I occasionally am curious about how people perceive the books of our beloved Wicked Witch, I made my way over to Amazon.com to see if there are any new reviews. To my delight, several people left reviews for Hilda – Magic on the Rocks. 5 reviews, and all of them 5 stars! If you want to see… (more…)

How not to write a book review

Dear reader, At times I come across a book review where the reviewer is doing it wrong. Oh, you might ask, how can a book review be wrong? After all, a review is highly personal, nobody can tell me how I write my review? True, in the end it is up to the reviewer. However, there are a few things… (more…)

Sometimes I just need to brag

Dear reader, Today I found a few amazing reviews on Hilda – Cats that I just have to share with the world. This one, rated 5.0 out of 5 stars: One of the best series out there!, By JohnR (OH USA): I really love this series of books. They are extremely entertaining. When I see a new one, I drop everything, get it, and… (more…)

“Bad” reviews

Dear reader, fellow author, I once posted about the value of reviews for authors, and the way they can influence or help the author in his or her writing. One of the most unnerving things about a review is that it can be a bad one. This is also known as the negative, or “no star” review. But how bad… (more…)


Reviews are nice things. Authors often consider them precious things even. Reviews and other comments are very convenient “tools” for an author to determine if she or he is doing something right. Are the stories still interesting? Are there things in a story that irk a reader? Are there suggestions hidden inside the reviews? Things like that act as a… (more…)