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5 star review of Bactine

Dear reader, I discovered a very nice review for Bactine on the  Apple Ibook store: Wow, I just finished Bactine today, and was thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire book. I have never read a book where the environment of the main character was transformed so much while still successfully pulling off a solid and believable storyline. There is nothing more drab… (more…)

Book review – Fahrenheit 451

Title: Fahrenheit 451 Author: Ray Bradbury Genre: Scifi Rating:  This was not my first read of this book. Also not the second. Still I had to read it again and only now I’m reviewing it. This is a masterfully written book about the future and how people in the future will be ‘trained’ to use their mind. Or perhaps not.… (more…)

Book review – Sherdan’s Prophecy

Title: Sherdan’s Prophecy Author: Jess Mountifield Genre: Science Fiction Rating:  Sherdan’s Prophecy is one of those books that make me say “End? What?!” A strong book about the battle between science and religion without exaggerating either side. A scientist who has a dream he wants to fulfil at seemingly any cost, even when he needs to ‘break’ people for that,… (more…)

Book review – Song of the Fairy Queen

Title: Song of the Fairy Queen Author: Valerie Douglas Genre: Fantasy Rating:  Song of the Fairy Queen. A spectacular book in which very much is brought together. Adventure, love, loyalty and trust, battle, betrayal and the worst that people can bring up, all forged into a story that made it hard to put the book down even when my eyelids… (more…)

Book mention – Beneath gray skies

Title: Beneath gray skies Author: Hugh Ashton Genre: Steampunk Beneath Gray Skies. I tried to read it. The book doesn’t click with me so I gave up on it, but still I thought I’d mention it as there are definitely people who will like it. Beneath Gray Skies starts in an alternate world where the South and the North of the… (more…)

Book review – The Bone Key

Title: The Bone Key Author: Sarah Monette Genre: Steampunk Mystery Rating:  The Bone Key is a surprising book. Meet Kyle Murchison Booth, who works in a museum where he catalogues items. In the number of short stories in this book, that follow up on each other and show more and more of Mr. Booth’s life, thoughts and past, we encounter all… (more…)

Book review – Death of a Kingdom

Title: Death of a Kingdom Author: M. Edward McNally Genre: Fantasy Rating:  Death of a Kingdom is the second book in the Norothian Cycle (preceded by The Sable City). Again we meet Matilda Lanai, Zeb, Phinn and many others as they proceed on their journey through the Lands under the Code and those who want to be. As new friends… (more…)

Book review – the source of lightning

  Title: The Source of Lightning Author: Donna K. Fitch Genre: Steampunk Rating:    The Source of Lightning is written by an independent writer. I tend to drift towards indie writers more and more, probably because I am one myself. But that aside. The start of this book is surprising. It’s a steampunk book but starts out feeling like a western.… (more…)

Book review – A Princess of Mars

Title: A Princess of Mars Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy Rating:  After seeing the film John Carter, which is based on this book, I decided to read the book again. It’s been quite a long time and many books ago so I was curious. After the first number of chapters already I was aware that ‘based on’ in this… (more…)

Book review – Captain Vorpatril’s alliance

Title: Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance Author: Lois McMaster Bujold Genre: Science Fiction Rating:  Captain Vorpartil’s Alliance is an extremely entertaining book for me. There is a lot of humour and witty dialogue in it and many situations just invite to laugh. Meet captain Ivan Xav Vorpatril who, thanks to helping an old friend to watch over someone, gets into a very strange… (more…)