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Do E-Readers Really Present a Threat to Airplanes?

By Dan Eldridge from Teleread The increasingly heated national debate surrounding the use of personal electronic devices on airplanes has been chugging along steadily for years now. And yet thanks to the laudable effortsof the New York Times‘ Nick Bilton, the conversation has once again become news. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, a now-legendary Bilton piece appearing in the Times in late March—in which he criticized the F.A.A.’s  rules against using e-readers… (more…)

What is remarkable about this sentence?

“I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly, perplexing, handwriting nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intelectuality counterbalancing indecipherability transcendentalizes intercommunication’s incomprehensibleness.” What is it about this twenty-word sentence that marks it out from the ordinary? No, there’s something other than the fact that it makes some sort of sense and the original writer had a remarkable vocabulary and a tendency to… (more…)

The Science of Storytelling

Dear reader,     Via Lifehacker I found this very interesting bit of information:   The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains A good story can make or break a presentation, article, or conversation. But why is that? When Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich started to market his product through stories instead of… (more…)

New Survey Reveals Library Borrowers Are Also Buyers

from The Digital Reader, by Nate Hoffelder A number of the major publishers dislike library ebooks because they fear that each ebook checked out is a lost sale. While this new survey data suggests there is some substance to that fear, the survey also shows that library patrons who borrow ebooks also buy them. Back in June and July of this year, OverDrive… (more…)

All Hallow’s Read

Dear reader, With Halloween approaching it is time to focus on something to read for that time. Here is the advice of none other than Neil Gaiman: So what is All Hallow’s Read? All Hallow’s Read is a Hallowe’en tradition. It’s simply that in the week of Hallowe’en, or on the night itself, you give someone a scary book. If… (more…)

Nexus 7 32GB Model Coming Soon – Thank You, Amazon

Via The Digital Reader by Nate Hoffelder: So you’ve probably heard the rumor that Google would be releasing a new model for the Nexus 7 Android tablet, one which finally has enough storage to match the Kindle Fire HD. If you have not read about the rumor then you have probably read about the product listings which have shown up on several websites. I… (more…)

E-reading devices compared

Dear reader, More and more signals appear that the E-ink technology that is used in many popular e-reading devices is getting beating upon beating from the realm of the tablets. Not very surprising, as tablets become more and more affordable and offer more versatility compared to e-readers that you can ‘only’ use to read. ♦ So what is the difference of… (more…)

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Dear reader, This is about libraries. Who has not spent hours and hours in libraries? Perusing the thousands of books on the shelves, exploring the many different categories and styles? I know I have done that a lot in the past, when there was no Internet, when there were no e-books (yes, I am one of those e-book fanatics). Very… (more…)