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When paperbacks were the publishing industry’s enemy

Via Teleread: By Dan Eldridge: From mental_floss: Half a century before e-books turned publishing upside down, a different format threatened to destroy the industry. The next time you find yourself tangled up in one of those endlessly frustrating conversations about how e-books and e-readers and the digital culture in general are threatening to destroy the publishing industry as we know it, you’d better believe you’re… (more…)

Hachette UK loves its DRM

As found on The Digital Reader: In case you thought that Tor’s enlightened stance on DRM might be a sign that the ice might be starting to melt around the Big Six publishers, think again. Today in Publishers Weekly, Cory Doctorow writes he has obtained a letter that the UK arm of Hachette sent to authors publishing with it asking that they… (more…)

When going gets tough, publishers turn to celebrity books and Tumblr blogs

By Chris Meadows from Teleread. It’s certainly a great age of uncertainty for publishers. These are the days when publishers, scared silly by Amazon’s price-chopping tactics, (allegedly) band together to try to put an end to them—and then get told that’s a big no-no and the Department of Justice will see them in court. Falling margins, the uncertain future of bookstores, changing public tastes,… (more…)

Authors sue Harlequin over e-book royalties

By Chris Meadows from Teleread (original article). The public may now be developing a love affair with e-books, but they may have lost their romance for some of Harlequin’s authors. Three such authors are suing Harlequin over a matter of miscalculated e-book royalties. Barbara Keiler, Mona Kay Thomas and Linda Barrett allege (PDF) that Harlequin used a tax-purposes subsidiary, Harlequin Swiss, to cheat them… (more…)

Publishing will survive through innovation

By Chris Meadows from Teleread Is publishing “dying”? On FutureBook, Vicky Hartley expresses doubt. She points to a number of great new multimedia apps on tablets that demonstrate some publishers are finding ways to use the new capabilities of tablets to reach out to readers better than ever before. Heuristic Media’s London – A City Through Time is one example, and the works of children’s book-based-app publisher… (more…)

Booksellers say they are dying, but refuse to sell books

By Paul Biba from Teleread:   How dumb is this!  When your market is diminishing, and your revenues are diminishing, just go ahead and refuse opportunities to make money.  The booksellers won’t hurt Amazon, they will only hurt themselves. From Publishers Weekly: Earlier this year when Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced a licensing agreement with Amazon to publish and distribute all adult titles from Amazon… (more…)

Publishing industry faces paradoxes, challenges

By Chris Meadows - Via Teleread Publishing Perspectives is carrying a keynote speech delivered in absentia to the International Publishers Association Congress in South Africa in which Chad Post, publisher of small nonprofit translation press Open Letter Booksdiscusses the paradoxes that shape the current publishing market, the opportunities for a small press, and what various people in publishing should do in the longer term. The paradoxes Post… (more…)

Publishers – Writer Beware

“Publishers are just middlemen. That’s all. If artists could remember that more often, they’d save themselves a lot of aggravation. ” – Hugh Macleod, How To Be Creative Ah, the lure of the publisher, the allure of the printed book sitting there in your hands, beckoning to you. Isn’t that the stuff of every author’s dreams? An e-book is great… (more…)

Createspace is good for independent authors

From the press release: CreateSpace, an Amazon.com company, today announced that authors and publishers around the world can now use its independent publishing platform to distribute their books in Europe for free on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and Amazon.it. By using CreateSpace to distribute directly to Amazon, authors and publishers ensure that their titles are always in stock for customers to… (more…)

E-books do not ‘cost nothing to produce’

Via Teleread, By Chris Meadows We’ve all heard the argument that e-books should be cheaper because they don’t have printing, shipping, and warehousing costs. Blogger Deanna McFadden, who works in digital publishing, takes exception to writer Michael Chabon’s recent statement that it’s unfair publishers should get the same royalty as paper books for “an e-book that costs them nothing to produce.” McFadden attributes this sort of… (more…)