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K. K #AtoZChallenge

K. K Dear reader, I really wondered what to write about for this letter, the letter ‘K’. It’s interesting for me, not being a native English speaker, that there are so many words in the English language but the number of them that start with ‘K’ is relatively small (at least that is how it seems to me). Of course,… (more…)

Writing madness

Dear reader, I have not gone mad. At least I think I didn’t. Of course, trying to decide on that from inside a mad state would be rather mad, don’t you agree? I’ve not started writing about madness either, although the previous part might be proof to the contrary. I’m talking about the madness that can come up from around… (more…)

I sometimes wonder…

Dear reader, It goes without saying that you enjoy the books you read. Why else would you read them? Perhaps I should exclude text books here, those don’t necessarily contain entertaining material, and I speak (or rather: write) from experience. Something that dawned on me a while ago however is: maybe a writer enjoys writing a book even more than… (more…)

An emotional drain

Dear reader, In my previous post I went on and on about the privilege of a writer probably having more fun creating a book than the reader has with the finished product. There is of course a ‘dark’ side to this. Dark is perhaps the wrong word for it, but there are moments in creating a story that can take… (more…)

During my absence…

Dear reader, The last 10 days flew by. I was away on a vacation, one that was desperately called for. Life is busy and hectic, we probably all know that, so I sought an escape to Fuerteventura. That is perhaps the most uninhabited of the Canary Islands (off the coast of West Africa, with Morocco almost in spitting distance. (Okay,… (more…)

Writers and their books

Dear reader/writer, You may be part of plenty of groups on various forums where writers come together to discuss books, writing, technique, options, possibilities and other things that are part of the book-writing business. And not only the writing is part of books, also the part where they need to be brought to attention and sold are often matters of… (more…)

Coming of age

Dear reader, Yes. Coming of age. This probably sounds like a very odd title for a blog post by a writer. Still it’s something I think about at this moment, and so you’re the victims of my thoughts about it. The reason for these thoughts is the funeral of an aunt. (Yes, writers have aunts too.) She was a very… (more…)

A post about cats

Dear reader, This is not about writing and books directly. It is about cats. A few years ago I introduced cats in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series, and since then cats have become more and more fascinating to me. The Hilda fans who follow my ramblings on Facebook by now know that Obsi and Grim are no longer just… (more…)

Workload ahead.

Dear reader, sometimes it is hard to decide what to do next. Do you share that view? For me at this point in time the decision runs along the following: start with the next Hilda the Wicked Witch story (number 11); continue and finish “Bristol Dream”; continue and finish “Daniel and Rayko”, the sequel to “Bactine”; continue and finish a… (more…)


Dear reader, This is about libraries. Who has not spent hours and hours in libraries? Perusing the thousands of books on the shelves, exploring the many different categories and styles? I know I have done that a lot in the past, when there was no Internet, when there were no e-books (yes, I am one of those e-book fanatics). Very… (more…)