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Booksellers say they are dying, but refuse to sell books

By Paul Biba from Teleread:   How dumb is this!  When your market is diminishing, and your revenues are diminishing, just go ahead and refuse opportunities to make money.  The booksellers won’t hurt Amazon, they will only hurt themselves. From Publishers Weekly: Earlier this year when Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced a licensing agreement with Amazon to publish and distribute all adult titles from Amazon… (more…)

Paper books. E-books. The core is…

Dear reader, I think that for myself I have decided that the brawl over paper books and e-books and what is better is a non-issue. It is the same kind of argument as why people like a specific colour better, or a brand of car, or a particular kind of cereal. The core part in the debate is book. It is… (more…)

Hilda – Aiaia — now in print

Dear reader, It gives me great pleasure to announce that Hilda’s 9th book, “Hilda – Aiaia”, is now available in print at lulu.com. If you are interested, please follow this link to purchase it!

Books in print

Dear reader, You might not be aware of it, but all the Hilda books are available in print as well as in e-book format. The exception at this moment still is Hilda – Aiaia, book 9, as I am still awaiting the proof copy of that. (I refuse to make a book in print available unless I know it looks… (more…)

Mystery savings at Lulu.com

Dear reader. Are you ready for paper copies of books and you want to save money? If yes, head over to lulu.com: But hurry, the offer is valid for only 3 days!

The Devil’s Diary on paper

Dear reader, The Devil’s Diary is now available in print directly from CreateSpace, through this link. Soon (in about a week) it should also be available through Amazon.com and its European branches. Why CreateSpace and not Lulu? Simply because I thought it interesting to see how they do this, and I must say that I am very pleased with the result… (more…)

Createspace is good for independent authors

From the press release: CreateSpace, an Amazon.com company, today announced that authors and publishers around the world can now use its independent publishing platform to distribute their books in Europe for free on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and Amazon.it. By using CreateSpace to distribute directly to Amazon, authors and publishers ensure that their titles are always in stock for customers to… (more…)

Oh, My Hand

Dear reader, At brainpickings.org I stumbled over a collection of wonderful scribbles of monks, scribes and copyists who, in ancient times, sat bent over their large tomes of paper, patiently (more or less) copying large manuscripts. These scribbles were found in the margins of the large works they wrote, and there are some truly marvellous ones among them. ~ New parchment,… (more…)

How green are e-books?

Dear reader, On another website (www.the9billion.com) I found this image, which is quite an eye-opener with respect to the cost and energy needed to make paper books compared to e-books. Have a look at it and be surprised. (It’s behind the cut, to spare the readers who are on RSS feeds etc.)

All Hilda books are now available on paper

Dear reader, Just this afternoon I received the last 3 proofs of the Hilda books “Cats”, “Lycadea” and “Back to school”, and they are just fine: I am more than just a little bit pleased with this, as you may understand. On the page which shows all books that have been published so far ( link ) are all the… (more…)