Hilda 16 – Here is chapter 1.

Dear reader,

Hilda16_the youngeryears_320As is the custom on this blog / website, it is time for me to reveal to you the first chapter of this new book.

I hope it is not too disappointing for you. Trust me, Carol (my precious editor) and I have worked very hard on this one. We hope you appreciate our efforts.

But most of all we hope you appreciate learning about

Hilda’s Younger Years.

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Hilda 16 – The Cover!

Yes, dear reader,

It is that time again. A new book about the Wicked Witch is about to make it to the spotlights, as long as there are spotlights on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and all the other usual places.  May I present:

Hilda 16 the younger years

We all know the many adventures our beloved witch has survived so far. Some alone, some with Babs and quite a few with William and the cats. But what do we know of Hilda’s younger years? Before she was born? And more importantly: after she was born?
The answer to those questions are awaiting your reader’s eyes. Discover the origins of ‘shiny’ and ‘crappedy crap’ and many other things concerning Hilda who became the world’s most favourite Wicked Witch.

How dead are you?

Dear reader,
Til Death Us Do Join“Til Death Us Do Join” is now live!

If you feel alive too and up for a good laugh, head over to one of the online bookstores listed and go for it!

You can find “Til Death Us Do Join” at Smashwords, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, and Kobo books as e-book.

A paperback version (with a stunning backside) is available through Lulu.com.

As a special addition to this release I have prepared a little video to whet your appetite for this book, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh… in case you seem to recognise the person on the left… yes… that’s your’s truly. And the lady is a dear friend of mine. The photo was shot and the cover made by a mutual friend who runs a very nice website for her photo-work. If you care to have a look, run over to wauwfoto.nl!

Til Death Us Do Join – The Cover.

Dear reader,

With a certain amount of pleasure I present to you the cover of the new book that’s to appear in two weeks. Here is the cover of “Til Death Us Do Join“.

Mortimer Fitzroy is a soul guide. Soul guides go to earth to pick up the souls of deceased people. When he’s sent down to collect the souls of a few people who are about to die there is a lot more waiting for him than just a routine pick-up. His customers are not the easiest ones to deal with and finding a good place for them in the afterlife also proves a challenge. When Mortimer is facing matters of the not so dead heart, things become even more complicated.

Northlore. Folklore stories of the north.

Dear reader,

Northlore 1 - Foklore cover
Click the image for a larger version – it’s worth it!

You may wonder what ‘Northlore’ is. Northlore, as the word says, is the lore of the north. Of Scandinavia, the north of Europe. I participated in creating a book of Nordic stories, the first book of a series. This first book deals with Nordic Folklore (which might be obvious from the above image). I’ve read all the stories in this book and I am thrilled to be featured among many other talented writers and poets (yes, Nordic Lore also has poetry).

If you like folklore, have a look at Amazon.

Hilda 15!!

Hilda 15!!

Dear reader,

It’s finally arrived: the latest edition of Hilda’s adventures – Raggedsock – is now available all over the world and perhaps a few other places!

Hilda - RaggedsockAs you may expect by now, Hilda and William will be facing new strange people and this adventure takes them to a faraway land where they will face all kinds of new problems to deal with. Of course our witch isn’t the feeble kind so things should work out in the end. I think.

From the distant land of Nihon a visitor comes by Hilda’s and Wiliam’s door. An almost similar one visits someone else in Fairy land. This is bound to become the start of a new adventure for the wicked witch and her wizardly companion. A journey brings them to ice, monsters and people with axes and swords. After Raggedsock your life will not be the same any more!

If your socks aren’t ragged enough, please join me in a mad dash to either of these locations where there are lots of socks available for you: SmashwordsAmazon.comBarnes & NobleApple iTunesKobo books and in print at Lulu.com!

It’s cover-time

It’s cover-time

Dear reader,

It’s that time of book again. Cover-time. Or perhaps uncover-time. I proudly hand you the cover of the new book about Hilda the Wicked Witch and her wizard William!

Hilda – Raggedsock

As you may know, this means that next week the first chapter will appear on this website, for each and everyone to read. I hope to see you then!