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Lily Marin – The Novel — Cover reveal.

Dear reader, It’s taken a while. It’s done. The novel about the trials and tribulations of Lily Marin is done, and I proudly present: The Cover! Please join me next week Saturday to read the first chapter.

A Girl Named Sandy

Dear Reader, Finally, after literally years of work, the book that started as a dream in Bristol has come to life, and now it’s available online! For now the e-book is available via Smashwords, Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes and Kobobooks should follow soon! You can find the paperback on Lulu.com.  

A Girl Named Sandy – Chapter 1

Dear reader, As promised, here is chapter 1 of the new book “A Girl Named Sandy“. I hope you like the start, and I can promise that it will only get better!    

A Girl Named Sandy – cover reveal

Dear reader, It is with great pride and after a lot of work that I am proud to show you the cover of a book that’s been in the works for over 2.5 years. A Girl Named Sandy originated in Bristol where I dreamed about the story one night. I tried to ignore it, but the second night the dream came… (more…)

12×12 Guide to Social Media – by Kai Viola

One of the few things that people talk about, when talking about brand and social media is that it’s a minefield. People talk about everything from being completely overwhelmed, to not knowing what to do with their profiles. And so, I wrote 12 tutorials (and a couple of bonus exercises to help people. Each tutorial contains an introduction, the ‘basics’,… (more…)

Hilda 12 goes live.

Dear Reader Yes, it is with great pleasure that I can let you know that the latest Hilda the Wicked Witch book is now available online. You can find it at Smashwords (for all formats and all e-readers), on Amazon (for your Kindle device or app), and Lulu.com will gladly supply you with a paperback version. It’s also up at Apple’s iTunes already!… (more…)

A new release: Hilda Extreme – Chapter 1 (Book 12 in the series)

Dear reader,   Welcome to the teaser of the month  - the first chapter of the new Hilda the Wicked Witch book. Allow me to welcome you to the chapter called “An ordinary day“!

The Story of the Mimosa is now available

Dear Reader, It is with lots of pride and a sense of accomplishment that I can announce the birth of a new book. The Story of the Mimosa is online and available via Smashwords (go here) and Amazon.com (go here). More shops will come as time progresses, but for now those two will have to do. This is the story… (more…)

Cover reveal – The Story of the Mimosa

Dear reader, It is with a lot of pride that I present to you the cover of my new book: The e-books will be available on Amazon and Smashwords this weekend, more stores as time passes and distribution channels are addressed. Of course I’ll let you know what happens when it happens!