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Nanowrimo 2013

Dear reader, In November the madness will strike again, and as in the previous years I plan to participate. I’ve had many ideas about what to write for this, my personal seventh edition. I started with no idea, then one idea, after that there were lots of them and I faced the choice – something that can be difficult as… (more…)

Nanowrimo-issue. A question for my readers.

Dear Reader, As I did the last 6 years I intend to venture into the madness of Nanowrimo again this year. After some pondering the subject for this year’s writing craze I remembered having two options last year. As one of them was written then (the history of the Mimosa, readers of Hilda – Lycadea will remember that ship), I… (more…)

Nanowrimo 2012

I am making nice progress: Yesterday was sort of a slow day. The second day I could not update the count, as the nanowrimo website was entirely overloaded, I simply could not reach it.

As a surprise and a teaser

Here is the prologue of the Nanowrimo story that I am currently writing: Welcome on this strange journey through space and time. We are not certain which of those ingredients is present more at the moment, so bear with us until the end and you will know. As we are reaching our destination, you will see more and more ships… (more…)

Nanowrimo 2012

Dear reader, I finally have the right idea for this year’s Nanowrimo. It will be about an orchestra. Not an ordinary orchestra of course. A while ago at the gym I had the first idea for it, which involved a gym (back then). The idea took hold and morphed a few times, from gym to school, to undertaker firm, to… (more…)

The devil and his diary

Dear reader, Long time ago I wrote a very silly thing in 30 chapters. It was my work for Nanowrimo, and I had decided to write 30 days of the Devil’s Diary. What started out as a what do I care, as long as it’s words project, turned into a ‘story’ with lots of details about all kinds of things, mixed… (more…)

Nanowrimo 2011 for me is over.

For me, Nanowrimo 2011 is over. As is obvious, I made the official goal of 50.000 words, but that was not my personal goal. That was twice the amount, and I achieved that on the evening of 26 November. The entire story, unedited and full of errors as it is, clocked in at 101.269 words, a feat of which I… (more…)

Nanowrimo. An update and a thought.

When today is over, one third of Nanowrimo is over. Dear reader, after doing four years of Nanowrimo, the national novel writing month, it is still an exciting journey to embark on for me. After all, this is a way of writing that defies most ‘laws’ of writing. You sit down and you start writing, often without much of an… (more…)

Nanowrimo. The madness.

Madness? “Madness?” I almost hear you think, dear reader. Please, fear not. Even when there is madness involved, I am still in reasonable control of my abilities. But you said madness! True. I did. Let me explain. Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is an exercise for authors, or rather anyone who likes to write, to let go of… (more…)