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Nano 2014

Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 6

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

The madness is over. The 50.000 words (well, a bit more in my case) are written.

Nanowrimo 2014 is officially behind me.

I’ve ended this month with a story of 83815 words which in all honesty is a lot more than I had dared to hope for. And the story’s not done yet.

So, here’s the last run-down of things that have flown or crawled by in this story. You may recognise some of them once the book is out. (Which won’t be next month, I can promise you that. I first have to get Hilda 15 to a proper end.)

  • We learn more about the origins about walking huts;
  • swamp gas can smell like different things;
  • Hilda makes a prediction about her future without knowing it;
  • there’s something happening with oranges;
  • there’s also a real magic show;
  • and there is a form of disappointment. Magic isn’t all fun and laughter.

I hope you enjoyed this little walk along the path of this year’s Nanowrimo experience!


Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 5

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

Welcome to the Nanowrimo report after 25 days of writing.

The word count for Hilda 16 is currently well over 75.000 words. The story is still going strong but it needs a lot of tender loving care because writing at this speed is demanding that the gods of Typos come over for frequent visits!

What’s been going on in there so far since the last update:

  • Some insight on how old magical people can become and how they do it;
  • still no idea how old Hilda actually is (and I’m not going to ask. Toads make even more typos than speeding writers);
  • the teacher that they lost? Is found and back;
  • If you’ve read Hilda – Snow White revisited then you may recall a visit to Scary Mountain. I’ll leave this hint at that;
  • purple pebbles;
  • a student isn’t coming back to school;
  • there’s something about a ring with a red stone;
  • and a mountain is crumbling.
Nano 2014

Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 4

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

The madness which many people around the world lovingly call Nanowrimo is on track since 20 days. My story is still progressing nicely and I had the most amazing moment of synchronicity that I could hope for. Or not even that.

I was writing part 15 of my Hilda series when Nanowrimo started. Because of that I started writing part 16 even when 15 isn’t done yet. In book 15 I had reached a point where Hilda was struggling with something traumatic of her past.

So there I was, writing that specific part in her past in part 16 (which is about her youth) and at one point I was writing in 15 AND 16 simultaneously so I could get the feelings and emotions of both experiences perfectly aligned. How special is that? Very special, yes indeed; I’m glad you agree with me.

Right then, what has been happening since the last update?

  • They lost a teacher.
  • Forbidden rooms aren’t that forbidden for our witch, even at a young age.
  • Did I mention that I know who Hilda’s first boyfriend was? Well, I do.
  • Miss Hepatia Strunk wears pink.
  • If you’ve read “Charisma the young witch” then you’ll find out where the ring came from. Otherwise you will have to read Charisma. 😉
  • The word count so far is 62.980 words so this is going to be a larger than usual Hilda book, it seems. I’m sorry.
  • Something amazing happens with respect to Baba Yaga’s parents.

That’s it for this update. I hope you’re bouncing off the walls to get your hands on this book. In that case: happy bouncing, because it’s not finished yet. 😉


Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 3

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

The Nanowrimo madness is in its 15th day and I’m still going ahead full steam as far as work and other things allow.

The word count for the project currently is at 52362.

I can already promise you that this will be a very large new Hilda book. Forgive me if this upsets you, but somehow I think there is hardly anything to forgive. 😉

What new things have come up since the previous update?

  • An interesting twist in flying lessons, something that doesn’t involve a broom;
  • Hilda’s defence against boys trying to kiss her;
  • lessons about dragons;
  • meeting someone we’ve seen in a previous book;
  • Hilda learns something about attitude from someone who learnt something about attitude.
  • We learn about making a wand;
  • and a big secret is revealed. Who was Hilda’s first boyfriend?
  • Oh yes, there’s also this thing with a mirror.


Nano 2014

Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 2

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

The madness called Nanowrimo has been running for 10 days now. As usual I’m not very worried about reaching the goal of 50,000 words as my current word count for the project is at 37,228 words and I’m far from being done with the story. Not bad for ten days.

I am thoroughly enjoying this story and I’m certain you will also be entertained by all the things that happen in Hilda’s younger years. There are brooms to be flown and a school to be visited, to mention just a few things. Are there dragons, you ask? Well, do polar bears have white furs? Of course there are dragons!

What mentionables are there this time?

  • School. Yes, Hilda goes to school.
  • As I said: there is something like a dragon. Perhaps more of them.
  • We meet several teachers, some of which are not who or what they appear to be
  • There is music. Of sorts. You’ll learn about an instrument you probably never heard of. (I for one never did!)
  • How will the first flying lessons go? Do you have any idea?
  • If you read Hilda – Aiaia, you’ll know who’s coming to school too!


Hilda the wicked witch

Nanowrimo. 5-day update number 1

Dear reader,

Nano 2014

The madness is off since 5 days. I think I’m making good progress towards the goal of (at least) 50,000 words. My current count stands at 22,172 words.

As you may recall, my aim is to write most (or even better: all) of book 16 in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series, which  opens up the world of Hilda’s younger years.

What have I covered in these first days:

  • Hilda’s parents have entered the arena
  • They found a home in a small village
  • The magical people met the local king and queen
  • Hilda “arrived” into their life
  • Charisma, Hilda’s little sister, arrived as well
  • It’s now clear where Baba Yaga came from
  • And there are a few answers to burning questions like:
    • Where did the two black cats come from?
    • From which parent did Hilda inherit her attitude?
    • What triggered the appearance of Hilda’s expression “shiny“?
    • Who came up with “crappedy crap”?

Maybe you are as curious as I am to see where things stand in 5 days… :)

Lots of Hilda news

Dear reader,

Hilda the wicked witch
The one and only wicked witch.

I’ve been on vacation. Sometimes even writers take a break from normal life – but that does not mean a writer (this writer) also takes a break from writing. On the contrary. A lot has happened while I was away to Crete. The fifteenth book in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series has made a tremendous jolt forward while I was gone to do nothing. Edits on book 14 are done and I have a publishing date for you. It will be appear on November 9th. Why this date? Because November 9th is “Chaos Never Dies” day, and who knows more about chaos than our witch? Also for the following month of November (it’s the time of Nanowrimo again) I have the plan to write yet another book about the Wicked Witch. In this new book I shall try to shed some light on Hilda’s younger years. There may even be some more background information in it about her parents, and definitely we’ll learn more of her meet Baba Yaga and their time at school with the infamous Witch In Charge, Hepatia Strunk!

I hope you are looking forward to all this Hilda as much as I am!


Nanowrimo and a few questions.

Dear reader,

If you’ve visited my site / blog more than a few times you’ll be aware of this mad phenomenon called Nanowrimo. National Novel Writer’s Month. The crazy scheme to write a novel in one month, being November.

Today, as I was walking down some stairs and up some others, I suddenly realised that I don’t really have a theme for November yet. I have several plans for books to write, but nothing solid to prepare for when November hits. That is why this post came to be. Well, consider yourself lucky, for I’m going to put the burden of this November on your shoulders, dear reader.

No, that doesn’t mean that you will write a 50,000 (or more) word book in a month, but I do hope that you will help me in deciding which book I should start in November.

For now the options are:

  1. A sequel to “A Girl Named Sandy”.
  2. A sequel to “Lily Marin – the Novel”.
  3. A sequel to “The Story of the Mimosa”.
  4. A book about Hilda’s youth.

If you have a preference, please let me know your choice! Either through a comment to this post, an e-mail, or a message via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I’d appreciate it.

Nanowrimo 2013

Dear reader,

In November the madness will strike again, and as in the previous years I plan to participate. I’ve had many ideas about what to write for this, my personal seventh edition. I started with no idea, then one idea, after that there were lots of them and I faced the choice – something that can be difficult as many ideas were very promising.


Then ‘disaster’ struck. Please note that this word is in quotes, it wasn’t proper disaster. I found a pre-made cover image that got to me and hasn’t left me since. I’ve contacted the maker of the image (the same artist who created the cover for Green Haven) and she sold it to me. She’ll keep it safe until I have the title for the story.

I already have ideas and notes for it. It’s going to be an urban fantasy story and the urban part will play a bit in New York and mostly in Midlothian, Virginia. (I think.) Why there? It was the first interesting name I encountered when I looked at a map of Virginia. And why Virginia? I was thinking of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books about Mars, and captain John Carter was called ‘Virginia’ there. (I never claimed to make sense!)