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APG Indie promotion.

Dear reader, You may have missed last week’s Indie Promotion. That was not a mistake. I’m cutting the amount of those in two for now, so you’ll find a new Indie Promo every 2 weeks instead of each Monday. August Gamble by Alexandria Publishing Group author Linda Hall Ebook Short Description: August Gamble – Book One of the Mountie Series He… (more…)

Indie promotion – Bob Stockton

Dear reader, It is Monday and it’s Springtime! Let me spring the first Indie Promotion of Spring on to you! Counting Coup by Bob Stockton Ebook Short Description: The story of the way west in the early nineteenth century was often a tale of danger, death and unspeakable suffering. The early trappers and mountain men forged the trails westward for the pioneers that… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion – Not Magic Enough

Dear reader, Welcome to Monday! I present to you a new Indie Promotion: Not Magic Enough by Alexandria Publishing Group author Valerie Douglas Ebook Short Description: For Delae – a lonely landholder on the edge of the Kingdoms – a frantic knock at the door on a stormy winter’s night brings more than a cry for help. After centuries of war, Elves have… (more…)

Indie promotion – Of Dreams and Shadow

Dear reader, It’s taken me a lot of juggling but I finally managed to locate Monday again, the day that I present to you the Indie Promotion. Today isn’t different, so here it is: Of Dreams and Shadow by Deborah McKnight Ebook Short Description: We live. We die. Is there anything more? Jenna Barton is about to find out. After moving to the… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion – Pillow Talk

Dear reader, The first Monday in March. March already, where does time run off to? May I present to you March’s first Indie Promotion: Pillow Talk by Alexandria Publishing Group author Sabrann Curach Ebook Short Description: Dystopic and shocking short story about a woman and her lover, espionage and even allusions of torture. – Flash Fiction/Short Story   Where to find: this e-book is… (more…)

Indie Promotion – Brian Murray

Dear reader, This Monday I present to you an Indie Promotion that is quite different from all the others that have been here. Unbreak Your Marriage: Reconnect Your Marriage In 31 Days by Brian Murray Ebook Short Description: Are you about to give up on your marriage? Have you already given up? Are you sick and tired of the same old excuses? Has… (more…)

Indie promotion – Kristina Jackson

Dear reader, After a slip-up of no promo last week due to an unannounced secret solar vortex that took all the words away, it is Monday again, so I present to you today’s Indie Promotion: Feathers by Kristina Jackson Ebook Short Description: These are stories to make you smile. When you need a quick fix to brighten your day. -… (more…)

Indie promotion – Viv Drewa

Dear reader, -Apologies for this misfire in timing. Rest assured, it’s not Monday yet!- Monday. It keeps coming back. today we’re in the first one of February! Today’s Indie Promotion is: From the Pages of Grandfather’s Life by Viv Drewa Ebook Short Description: Story of a young man’s escape from Russian ruled Poland in 1913. (This story is based on real… (more…)

Indie promotion – Scott McCoskey

Dear reader, It is Monday again. It’s not my doing though, I’m just here to present today’s Indie Promotion: Bad Mojo Blues by Scott McCoskey Ebook Short Description: Marcus Roath believes he’s done with his family. Disowned for practicing magic, he settled in Vegas where unsuspecting tourists witness real magic nightly. He’s built a life there, becoming a member of the… (more…)

APG Indie promotion – Shadeborn

Dear reader, Even when you never hear someone say “Thank God It’s Monday”, it is Monday again. Time for me to present to you today’s Indie Promotion: Shadeborn by Alexandria Publishing Group author Terry Simpson Ebook Short Description: What you believe about myths and legends is about to change. If Death had a child, it would be Shadeborn. Mike’s a misguided… (more…)

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