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This is getting serious…

These got in today. And yes, I am quite proud of them!

A Magic Dinner

Saturday, the 7th of January, was the day. I had been invited to join a “Magic Dinner” in Dortmund, Germany. The environment The dinner was held in a wonderful ambiance. A nice building in an area that is not very crowded, owned by friendly people who try to make the atmosphere inside as gentle and welcoming as possible. And they… (more…)

First public appearance…

Of sorts, anyway. Yes, dear reader, this evening I am going to Dortmund in Germany, where I have been invited, together with other people in the artistic craft, to be present at a ‘magical dinner’. There will be other people, like musicians and poets, and everyone will show, recite or perform some of their art. I was asked to read… (more…)

Magic dinner

Oh my. I have been invited for a “Magic Dinner” in Germany later this year. In my (uhm) authority as an author. And I was asked to read a few chapters of Hilda to the other guests. Which chapters should I use?! They have to be ones that are easily understood by people who (the shame) don’t know my witch.… (more…)