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Charisma’s face

Dear reader, Some time ago I had the pleasure of handing a signed copy of Charisma the Young Witch to the lady who created Charisma’s face. Here is visual evidence of that!

Charisma the young witch – now in print

Dear reader, If you are a collector of paper books and you like children’s books, either for your own child or your inner one, you can now find Charisma’s first story in print at lulu.com. And if you go there before December 14th of this year and you check out with the code ‘felicitas’ you even get a 20% discount!

New book release: Charisma the young witch

Dear Reader, Finally it is done. My first children’s book is out and online at Amazon and Smashwords. More stores will follow in due time. Thank you for your patience, mine was put to the test as well!  


Charisma looked at her shoelaces. It was good that she had magic, because that would be necessary to untie all the knots she had made.

Writing update

I am going to focus on finishing the children’s story now. 1 more chapter, I think. It’s on 34000 words now, and the 20th chapter just started. Don’t want to make this book too long, as it’s for children, and also the first one. I’m testing the waters, so to speak. Sorry, Hilda fans, you’ll have to wait.

Charisma, take 2.

So, an update on Charisma, Hilda’s second in command, so to speak. My girlfriend (and wife to be) read the first version to her son. End result is a slight rework of the story. It only means redoing everything, which of course is fine. Together we worked out something that will be quite good. There is kind of a floorplan… (more…)