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Talking about books


What’s brewing

Dear reader, I think it’s time for a small update of what is going on in my writer’s software at the moment. As usual it’s far too much, but there is progress on the horizon. In order of randomness: Book 12 of Hilda the Wicked Witch, “Hilda Extreme” is halfway through editing and the cover is done. I still hope… (more…)

Preferred ways of reading.

Dear reader, What is your favourite medium to read from? Do you prefer books? Tablets? E-readers? Your telephone? The Daily Telegraph posted an interesting article on this topic a little while ago: Electronic readers ‘better than books’ for older people Elderly people should use e-readers or tablet computers rather than books because they place less strain on the eyes while… (more…)


Dear reader, This is about libraries. Who has not spent hours and hours in libraries? Perusing the thousands of books on the shelves, exploring the many different categories and styles? I know I have done that a lot in the past, when there was no Internet, when there were no e-books (yes, I am one of those e-book fanatics). Very… (more…)

Two years

Dear reader, It’s amazing but true. Two years ago I published my first little book, about a wicked witch called Grimhilda. Hilda for friends. When I pressed that “publish” button for the first time, little did I know… What followed was a small avalanche of books (at least that is how it seems to me). More Hilda books, and people… (more…)

Paper books. E-books. The core is…

Dear reader, I think that for myself I have decided that the brawl over paper books and e-books and what is better is a non-issue. It is the same kind of argument as why people like a specific colour better, or a brand of car, or a particular kind of cereal. The core part in the debate is book. It is… (more…)

Raw numbers

Dear reader, If you do not like numbers, please stop reading now. Otherwise, carry on. I shall give some insight in numbers concerning my books. I started publishing in July 2010, so that is not even 2 years ago. The first 7 Hilda books were and will be free. The total in downloads of these 7 books as I write… (more…)

Preserve your rare books

Setting up and Maintaining Your Home Library. Dear reader, Like everyone, you will probably have paper books in your home, some of them old and precious. As a collector of rare books, your goal is to keep your collection in optimum shape. You’re careful with dust jackets and protect fragile books with clamshell cases. Even the way you shelve your… (more…)

Paperback writer

Dear reader, You may all be familiar with the song of the Beatles, which bears the same name as this post does. Why did I pick this one? Exactly. You are too smart to fool; it is about paper(back) books. Paper. Upto now only a few of my books are available on paper, and I am seriously wondering if there… (more…)

Hilda – Dragon Master on Amazon

Yes, dear reader, you see correctly. The e-publishing machine seems to run like clockwork. Never before has a new book of Hilda the Wicked Witch appeared on Smashwords and Amazon on the same day. Today it happened. You can find the 8th book of the witch in all the Amazon stores. Follow this link to see the book on amazon.com.… (more…)