On this page I shall attempt to keep track of the progress of what I am writing/doing now.

Keep calm and write on


Hilda, story 12: 52,700 words in 28 chapters

Bookfriend: 102,800 words in 43 chapters. (This is a book I am writing in English and Dutch simultaneously.)

Boekenvriend (Dutch version): 102,900 words in 43 chapters.

Lily Marin book 3: 33,100 words in 16 chapters.

The Story of the Mimosa: written and edited. Now converting to e-book and paperback, should come out by end October or beginning November.

Rubanna: 10.500 words so far, in 6 chapters.

Daniel and Rayko: 24.711 words so far, in 14 chapters. (This is to be a sequel to Bactine but is at a standstill at the moment.)


3 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Yea! Iv been waiting for the 3rd book of Lily Marin.

  2. Will there be any other books re The Devils Diary? I had a slow start with but after the first couple of entries I really found it and your take on the various parts of hell quite entertaining and would love to see more, maybe a year in the life of hell.

    • Dear Shauna,
      I haven’t planned a follow-up on the book as yet, but there is always a chance that it happens! Thank you for letting me know you like the Devil’s Diary!

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