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On this site you can learn about the books that I’ve written so far: about Hilda the Wicked Witch, Lily Marin the singer with a dark alter ego (Steampunk), and several Science Fiction titles I have released so far. And if you want to know more about what’s happening, there is always my



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Breaktime Bites – 9 short stories for when you don’t have much time to read.
The new book of the Hilda Series is out: Hilda Extreme. Read all about it!


P. Priscilla #AtoZChallenge

P. Priscilla Dear reader, Who is Priscilla? Priscilla is the main character in my SciFi book Green Haven. Starting off as a sort of anaesthesiology assistant she’s plunged into more adventures than she cares for when she and her friends suddenly find themselves facing a superhero. You may wonder how I picked a name like Priscilla. As usual there is… (more…)

O. Obsidian #AtoZChallenge

O. Obsidian Dear reader, Since I’ve introduced you to Grim (Grimalkin), it’s now time to introduce her brother, Obsidian. Obsi for short. Dedicated readers of Hilda and William will know this name already. Obsi is the daredevil of the two, he’s always the first one to try something new. A funny detail is that he’s more easily scared of things… (more…)

N. Names #AtoZChallenge

N. Names Dear reader, What’s in a name? The question is asked often. Some say nothing, some say that a name makes a person. In this 14th post of the A-Z blogging challenge I want to tell you a bit more about some of the names I’ve invented for the stories, or where they came from. First of course Hilda. You may just… (more…)