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A trilogy?

Dear reader, A while ago I wrote about an old story that I’m reviving by writing anew from scratch. I’ve started writing and it’s going very well I may say. As this is a story I’ve written before (and this may look as odd to you as it does to me) I know where it’s going. That is, if the… (more…)

Lily Marin – the novel. An update.

Dear reader, You may already know Lily Marin, my steampunk heroine. Maybe you don’t. Either way, the novel is progressing fabulously. The novel is mostly through the editing process and I’m very pleased with the result. Did you know that Marin originally is a Romanian name? I didn’t know that until someone told me this. You might be surprised to hear who… (more…)

Old wine in new packaging?

Dear reader, Very long ago, in a galaxy very close to us (because it was our own) a man from the Netherlands was invited to join an international mailing list of amateur writers. After reading many of the stories that people posted there, he took the virtual pen in hand (it was a word processor, not exactly the thing you… (more…)

The Book of Paul Book Blast

Welcome to The Book of Paul Book Blast. With 170 reviews, and an average of 4.1 out of 5 stars, the Book of Paul is a blockbuster in the making.  Memorable characters, a great storyline and a blending of mythologies, this deftly woven novel is currently $0.99. Available on Amazon in print and Kindle format! | The Book of Paul for your… (more…)

More laughter – a new story

TDUDJ Yes, dear reader, if you follow my movements on twitter, Google+ or Facebook you may have run into the strange acronym TDUDJ. It’s not something that one of my cats produced while taking a walk over the keyboard.     My cats. Yes, I’m proud of them so I show them off today. If you don’t know them: Obsi… (more…)

Writing madness

Dear reader, I have not gone mad. At least I think I didn’t. Of course, trying to decide on that from inside a mad state would be rather mad, don’t you agree? I’ve not started writing about madness either, although the previous part might be proof to the contrary. I’m talking about the madness that can come up from around… (more…)

I sometimes wonder…

Dear reader, It goes without saying that you enjoy the books you read. Why else would you read them? Perhaps I should exclude text books here, those don’t necessarily contain entertaining material, and I speak (or rather: write) from experience. Something that dawned on me a while ago however is: maybe a writer enjoys writing a book even more than… (more…)

I’m busy with words.

Dear reader, It’s a bit insane at the moment. I may have written a little too much lately! At the moment I am slowly doing final checks on a story which will be named “A girl named Sandy (and then things changed)”. It’s a science fiction involving aliens, spaceships and an astrophysicist. And no, his name is not Sandy. This is… (more…)

An emotional drain

Dear reader, In my previous post I went on and on about the privilege of a writer probably having more fun creating a book than the reader has with the finished product. There is of course a ‘dark’ side to this. Dark is perhaps the wrong word for it, but there are moments in creating a story that can take… (more…)


Dear reader, I agree that “Bristol” is a very strange title for a blog post. Still it has significance for me. It’s a reference to a story that I dreamed of when I was in Bristol in 2012. One night I had a dream about a story, dismissed that as not important, and two days later I was writing like… (more…)

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