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Writer’s Café – screenplay

Dear reader and perhaps user of Writer’s Café, So far I have only displayed the magic of Writer’s Café for writing stories, books, novels and so forth. The software however is not limited to that. It is also designed to be a great help for writing plays and other scenarios. For this, there are several tools; the easiest of those… (more…)

Writer’s Café Pinboard

I love the Writer’s Café pinboard. For several days already I was walking around, sitting around and dreaming around, trying to get the 9th Hilda story moving towards its end. Things are becoming complicated now, with many subplots, characters and locations, 3 fairy tales being mixed into it, bread and beer, and a handful of witches and Gods and Goddesses… (more…)

Writer’s Café – auto-replace

Dear reader, or should I say writer, user of Writer’s Café. Writer’s Café can do auto-replace for you, since its latest release (version 2.30). Some people want it, some have no need for it, but the auto-replace in Writer’s Café is quite versatile and customisable. To see the auto-replace options, open the View menu and select “Auto-Replace Preferences…” This shows… (more…)

Writer’s Café – your pinboard.

Dear reader, fellow Writer’s Café user, curious visitor, Today I am going to let you have a look at the possibilities of the pinboard in my favourite author software. The pinboard is a very nifty place where you can stick notes and pictures, shuffle them, colour them, and stare at them. Getting started with the pinboard. After opening Writer’s Café,… (more…)

Writer’s Café – keeping track of your characters

Welcome, dear reader, to another venture into Writer’s Café. This time a look behind the scenes, where the characters of a story live. It is very easy to keep track of who lives inside a story, when you make use of the characters-table built into Writer’s Café. Likewise, in the location-table, it is convenient to describe how the places look… (more…)

Writer’s Café – Storylines (1)

Welcome to another exploration into Writer’s Café. This post covers a very basic item, one that is the essence of the program: setting up a new story and starting a first scene or chapter. (Please note that I do not possess a Mac computer, so I can only detail PC-keyboard shortcuts.) To start a new storyline in Writer’s Cafe, you… (more…)

Writer’s Café tools – the scrapbook

One of the tools in Writer’s Café is the scrapbook feature. It allows the user to create compositions of pictures, bits of text, and links to webplaces of interest. Because of its free format and handy options, I use it more and more. For instance, I use it to keep track of how characters in specific stories tend to relate… (more…)