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Hilda 12 goes live.

Dear Reader Yes, it is with great pleasure that I can let you know that the latest Hilda the Wicked Witch book is now available online. You can find it at Smashwords (for all formats and all e-readers), on Amazon (for your Kindle device or app), and will gladly supply you with a paperback version. It’s also up at Apple’s iTunes already!… (more…)

Electronic reading

Dear Reader who uses electronics to read, Here is a critical question for you: what to do when your battery runs out? Panic? As someone who likes to read, I know of this problem first hand. Do you too? And if you do, what is your line of action to make sure you can read on in case this kind of… (more…)

A domino chain – with books!

Dear reader, Via Teleread I came upon this amazing bit of text and video about a world record breaking event: a domino chain by books, done by students and taking place in the Seattle Public Library: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an actual book domino chain in person. I’d never even seen a video of such a thing until… (more…)

When paperbacks were the publishing industry’s enemy

Via Teleread: By Dan Eldridge: From mental_floss: Half a century before e-books turned publishing upside down, a different format threatened to destroy the industry. The next time you find yourself tangled up in one of those endlessly frustrating conversations about how e-books and e-readers and the digital culture in general are threatening to destroy the publishing industry as we know it, you’d better believe you’re… (more…)

Preferred ways of reading.

Dear reader, What is your favourite medium to read from? Do you prefer books? Tablets? E-readers? Your telephone? The Daily Telegraph posted an interesting article on this topic a little while ago: Electronic readers ‘better than books’ for older people Elderly people should use e-readers or tablet computers rather than books because they place less strain on the eyes while… (more…)

Charisma the young witch – now in print

Dear reader, If you are a collector of paper books and you like children’s books, either for your own child or your inner one, you can now find Charisma’s first story in print at And if you go there before December 14th of this year and you check out with the code ‘felicitas’ you even get a 20% discount!

New Survey Reveals Library Borrowers Are Also Buyers

from The Digital Reader, by Nate Hoffelder A number of the major publishers dislike library ebooks because they fear that each ebook checked out is a lost sale. While this new survey data suggests there is some substance to that fear, the survey also shows that library patrons who borrow ebooks also buy them. Back in June and July of this year, OverDrive… (more…)

Savings at

Dear reader, if you want to stock up on your printed copies of books for the quickly approaching holidays, you should make your way over to and join Jekyll and Hyde! Big savings are there to be found, but hurry – only until the 26th of October!

New Study Shows eBooks Don’t Cannabalize Print Sales

October 11th, 2012 by Nate Hoffelder · No Comments · surveys & polls One common justification for high ebook prices is the claim that ebook sales tend to increase at the cost of sales of paper books. While that is certainly true in my case, a study which was recently released by the University of Hamburg suggests that I might be an outlier. This study,… (more…)