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Summersplash give-away!

Dear reader, For the OrangeBerry Summer Splash, in which I am participating, a give-away through “Rafflecopter” has been arranged. If you want to participate (this means: have a chance to win something), take your pick from the following. And if you want to know more about the Summer Splash (which starts today), don’t hesitate to follow this link. <a id=”rc-34cab40″… (more…)

Indie promotion

Dear reader, It is another Monday. How time flies. So without further dilly-dallying I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Where The Heart Is by Jeanette Hornby Ebook Short Description: After the breakdown of a relationship, Daniela (Dani) Sante moves from Perth where she has lived for a year, and returns to her hometown, Waroona. Surprised by house-guest, Antonio Bartolini, Dani… (more…)

Two years

Dear reader, It’s amazing but true. Two years ago I published my first little book, about a wicked witch called Grimhilda. Hilda for friends. When I pressed that “publish” button for the first time, little did I know… What followed was a small avalanche of books (at least that is how it seems to me). More Hilda books, and people… (more…)

Authors sue Harlequin over e-book royalties

By Chris Meadows from Teleread (original article). The public may now be developing a love affair with e-books, but they may have lost their romance for some of Harlequin’s authors. Three such authors are suing Harlequin over a matter of miscalculated e-book royalties. Barbara Keiler, Mona Kay Thomas and Linda Barrett allege (PDF) that Harlequin used a tax-purposes subsidiary, Harlequin Swiss, to cheat them… (more…)

Indie promotion

Dear reader, It is Monday again. You know what this means. It’s Indie Promotion time. Promising Hope by Emily Ann Ward. There is something different about this Indie Promotion, as the image above (you can click it for a larger view) is the follow-up of the official cover-revelation which happened yesterday. Promising Hope is theyet to be published  sequel to Promising… (more…)

Smashwords Publishes 5 Billion Words

from Smashwords, by Mark Coker. Smashwords today released its 5 billionth word. The number is difficult to grasp.  These words form 138,071 books. If you typed at 25 words a minute without pause, it would take 200 million minutes to write 5 billion words.  3.3 million hours.  If you typed 8 hours a day, it would take 416,600 days, or 1,141 years. … (more…)

Booksellers say they are dying, but refuse to sell books

By Paul Biba from Teleread:   How dumb is this!  When your market is diminishing, and your revenues are diminishing, just go ahead and refuse opportunities to make money.  The booksellers won’t hurt Amazon, they will only hurt themselves. From Publishers Weekly: Earlier this year when Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced a licensing agreement with Amazon to publish and distribute all adult titles from Amazon… (more…)

Indie Promotion

Dear reader, I hope you are having a proper Summer Monday. One in which you can enjoy today’s Indie Promotion: CAMILEON: Beyond The Veil by Shykia Bell Ebook Short Description: Seeing beyond the veil means seeing beyond what logic dictates and what others believe. As Camile Leon becomes engulfed in the mysteries on the other side of the veil, she learns the… (more…)

Now here’s a surprise

Dear reader, You may have heard of an enterprise called Apple. You know, they have Macs and iphones and ipads and ibooks. Oh, wait, make that e-books. has an interesting article on where Apple’s online e-book-store gets most of its titles: As the CEO of Smashwords, a 14-person company in Los Gatos, Calif., Coker gives authors free self-publishing software that… (more…)

Lily Marin, book 2

Dear reader, Yes, book 2 with 3 new stories of Lily Marin is available on Smashwords, and soon also on Amazon Kindle. For a free download from Smashwords, click here. As soon as the Amazon Kindle versions are available, I’ll let you know.