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APG Indie Promotion – The Unraveling

Dear reader, Welcome to yet another Monday. Let me show you today’s Indie Promotion to shake the weekend away from you: The Unraveling by Alexandria Publishing Group author Christopher Hunter (first book in the series “The Days and Months We Were First Born“) Ebook Short Description: In the summer of 2068, New Yorker Martin Jacob had a sweet life ahead of… (more…)

New Study Shows eBooks Don’t Cannabalize Print Sales

October 11th, 2012 by Nate Hoffelder · No Comments · surveys & polls One common justification for high ebook prices is the claim that ebook sales tend to increase at the cost of sales of paper books. While that is certainly true in my case, a study which was recently released by the University of Hamburg suggests that I might be an outlier. This study,… (more…)

E-reading devices compared

Dear reader, More and more signals appear that the E-ink technology that is used in many popular e-reading devices is getting beating upon beating from the realm of the tablets. Not very surprising, as tablets become more and more affordable and offer more versatility compared to e-readers that you can ‘only’ use to read. ♦ So what is the difference of… (more…)

APG Indie promotion – Cataclysm

Dear reader, It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Cataclysm by Alexandria Publishing Group author Stephen H. King Ebook Short Description: Crystal isn’t sure what to think when she learns that she’s married to and has children by Mars, the God of War. She knows that she’s not giving him up to his ex-wife, the Goddess… (more…)

Indie promotion – Black Sacrament

Dear reader, It is Monday, and Autumn has arrived. A good moment for this week’s Indie Promotion: Black Sacrament part 1 of the Creatures of Fire Serial by J. B. Brooklin Ebook Short Description: It shouldn’t have happened. It was impossible. And still, she had seen him, although he was invisible to the eyes of humans. Sariel Baldwin, orphan and niece of… (more…)

Macmillan Reportedly Ready to Test Library eBook Pilot

Via TheDigitalReader: Macmillan has long been on one the major publishers who has completely refused to sell ebooks to libraries but it looks like that might have changed. News is breaking today that the publisher is working on some type of pilot program which will finally bring Macmillan ebooks to US public libraries. Details are vague, but that will not… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion

Dear reader, It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Alexandria Publishing Group author Jeffrey Kosh Ebook Short Description: The Caribbean Sea, 1708 AD. War between the Northern Alliance and the League of the Antilles is well underway. In the New World, what is left of humanity fights for dominance and… (more…)

Glass Block is out!

Dear reader, A new book emerges from the vaults of the Alexandria Publishing Group, this one from the hand of Kai Wilson-Viola. The title, as you guessed, is “Glass Block”. When Big Brother fell out of popularity in the early part of the 21st century it was replaced with ever more ‘realistic’ reality TV shows, till the need for this… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion

Dear reader, It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Irish Fling by Alexandria Publishing Group author Valerie Douglas Ebook Short Description: At a crossroads in her life and career, orphaned Alli Dearborn had always been the smart one. With near perfect recall, she accomplished a lot in a very short time. A meteoric rise led… (more…)

Authors Behaving Badly; Booksellers Behaving Worse

In the past couple months I’ve posted a few times about things authors shouldn’t do like respond before you understand the situation, be pushy on Twitter, and send dunning letters to book bloggers.  I have another regrettable tale of misdeeds today, only this time the author was the lesser of the problems. Self-published authors need to be forward to get… (more…)