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The best places for DRM-free e-books – part 1 of 2

As found on Teleread: By Joanna Cabot I love DRM-free books! I know that for most people, DRM is an issue they might not think about often; if their books work, they’re happy. But for many more experienced e-book users, it’s an issue to care about. If you acquire 100 Amazon e-books and then you buy a Kobo, how are you… (more…)

Kobo tutorial on e-books

Dear reader, In case you are still hesitant about e-books, let me introduce you to a short video about these things, and the machinery one needs to read those. This video is created by Kobobooks, but of course the same goes for a Sony e-reader, a Kindle or a B&N Nook. Kobotorial: What is an eReader and why should I… (more…)

APG Indie promotion – Black Ice

Dear reader, It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Black Ice by Alexandria Publishing Group author Linda Hall Ebook Short Description: They said she came in with the ice… Lenore Featherjohn found the girl, frozen against a snow bank behind Lenore’s bed-and-breakfast. Some said she was a ghost, others said an angel. Lenore knows better. Fearing that… (more…)

B&N Announces First Author to Sell a Million eBooks via PubIt

from The Digital Reader by Nate Hoffelder Remember how Amazon used to make a big deal about the Kindle Millions Club, a group of self-published authors who have each sold more than a million Kindle ebooks? They have not announced any in a while (I guess the novelty wore off), but the idea must still seem fresh and new to B&N. Barnes &… (more…)

Indie Promotion – A Blanket of Blues

Dear reader, What better Monday than a Monday that brings you an Indie Promotion! This week: A Blanket of Blues by Padraig Hanratty Ebook Short Description: Everybody gets the blues sometimes. Fingers Flaherty had them all the time. He lived the blues and sang about his every ache. Flaherty’s blues gave him nothing but hardship, sore feet and a shattered heart.… (more…)

Scribbling is out!

Dear reader, All the members of the Alexandria Publishing Group congratulate Jonathan Gould with his new book, Scribbling: Scribbling is, as Jonathan calls it, ‘sort of’ a sequel to Doodling, with new adventures of the characters. For those who don’t know Doodling: it is a surreal and rather silly story about a man named Neville who, upon losing his grip… (more…)

Indie Promotion – The source of lightning

Dear reader, Mondays in Autumn can be dreary, but there is always something to look forward to. Perhaps for you that is today’s Indie Promotion: The source of lightning by Alexandria Publishing Group author Donna K. Fitch Ebook Short Description: Now disgraced, Richard Davisson was once celebrated in newspapers and dime novels for his daring exploits apprehending mail train robbers.… (more…)

Scribbling – a new book by Jonathan Gould

Dear reader, On October 25th, a new book will be published. This may not strike you as special, there will be more books out that day, but this one is the long awaited (sort of) sequel to “Doodling”. The Alexandria Publishing Group is proud to announce Jonathan Gould’s new book “Scribbling”. For the first two weeks after release, Scribbling will be available… (more…)

Stunning idea: digital library on the Bucharest subway station

As found on Vodafone Romania, in collaboration with a publishing house Humanitas, launched an ambient advertising campaign, which is simply fantastic. A Victoria Square metro station was turned into… a digital library. The walls are being covered with large format posters, from top to bottom. Bucharest commuters who enter the station suddenly discover that they’re in an impressive library.… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion – The Unraveling

Dear reader, Welcome to yet another Monday. Let me show you today’s Indie Promotion to shake the weekend away from you: The Unraveling by Alexandria Publishing Group author Christopher Hunter (first book in the series “The Days and Months We Were First Born“) Ebook Short Description: In the summer of 2068, New Yorker Martin Jacob had a sweet life ahead of… (more…)