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Have your ever bound magic?

Dear reader, Our valued writer from the Alexandria Publishing Group, Valerie Douglas, has released her latest work, “Magic Bound”. Congratulations, Valerie, for bringing out another book for our readers to enjoy! About the book: Homicide Detectives Sasha Gutierrez and Rafaela (Rafi) Stratford (Blood Bound) find themselves investigating a series of murders that seem to have been committed by paranormals. As a… (more…)

A quick guide to getting and managing books on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Dear reader, I present you this post courtesy of Ebook Friendly: If you want to start reading books on Samsung Galaxy Tab, this post should speed things up and make it easier to pick up the best possible way. Samsung Galaxy Tab devices come pre-loaded with Readers Hub, a set of three default applications that will let you read books,… (more…)

The new Hilda book, Rock ‘n’ Troll, is out

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers, It is with fitting pleasure and pride that I- Crappedy crap, scribe, stop the difficult things! Hilda, please cut that out, I’m trying to announce the eleventh book. Then do that faster! I know you can talk faster than you write! Here it is! Hilda – Rock ‘n’ Troll! Available as e-book through Smashwords and all Amazon stores (US, UK, CA, ES, IT, FR, DE, JP),… (more…)

Project Gutenberg

Dear Reader, Have you ever heard of the Project Gutenberg? I am sure you have, but to refresh your memory: It is a project to digitise all the famous and less famous old books that are out of copyright, and make them available to the public. Ebook-Friendly has posted a very nice article on how to make best use of… (more…)

Do E-Readers Really Present a Threat to Airplanes?

By Dan Eldridge from Teleread The increasingly heated national debate surrounding the use of personal electronic devices on airplanes has been chugging along steadily for years now. And yet thanks to the laudable effortsof the New York Times‘ Nick Bilton, the conversation has once again become news. As many of you are undoubtedly aware, a now-legendary Bilton piece appearing in the Times in late March—in which he criticized the F.A.A.’s  rules against using e-readers… (more…)

Beautifully covered

Dear reader, Here’s a short post. No, that’s not all. Do have a look at this image though: (If you click the image, it’ll appear larger.) What you see here are covers that are designed by a wonderful graphics artist, and all those are done for the writers at APG. Perhaps there’s a cover that’s special to you. Why not… (more…)

Green Haven!

My new science fiction book, Green Haven, is now available! Find the e-books at Smashwords, Amazon for now,  and the paper version at More stores will follow. In case you missed what it’s about: The appearance of The Black Flyer, a television super hero, shakes up the city of Green Haven. A group of role playing gamers wonders why the… (more…)

On pirates

More and more pirating-websites pop up that offer free downloads of thousands of e-books. That is of course good news for readers, but for writers this is far less good. Books that were written with a lot of effort and in a lot of time are also offered for free there. Please respect the hard work and dedication of an… (more…)

Preferred ways of reading.

Dear reader, What is your favourite medium to read from? Do you prefer books? Tablets? E-readers? Your telephone? The Daily Telegraph posted an interesting article on this topic a little while ago: Electronic readers ‘better than books’ for older people Elderly people should use e-readers or tablet computers rather than books because they place less strain on the eyes while… (more…)

APG Indie Promotion: Return of the Gods

Dear reader, It is Monday again, it’s still winter. Maybe the characters from this week’s Indie Promotion can do something about the weather! Ascension: Return of the Gods by Alexandria Publishing Group author Stephen King (the other one) Ebook Short Description: Eternal life with her husband. That’s all Crystal wants. Having survived the epic battle between her husband, the God of War,… (more…)