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Book review – Rosehead

Title: Rosehead
Author: Ksenia Anske
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


I had already read and heard things about this book. About how dangerous it is. It made it an intriguing book so I had to read it. Which I did.

Rosehead is not your average book about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s quite a remarkable one about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s written in a very well-paced way and never gets boring. Far from that even. Even when the young girl is asleep there’s a lot of action going on in Rosehead. If you decide to go there make sure there’s enough space beneath your bed.

Ksenia Anske wrote a very different kind of fantasy novel, with an imagination that’s impressive and catching. If you like remarkable books then Rosehead will certainly appeal to you.


Book review – Daughter of Darkness

Title: Daughter of Darkness
Author: Katya Mills
Genre: Dark fantasy

Daughter of Darkness is a different kind of fantasy book. It’s tense. Paced. Fast. And it introduces you to a world of people who are different from us. Different in a way you can’t see. Ame, the main character, is one of those different people. She grows up being ‘strange’ and it takes a drastic move and lots of strange encounters and experiences before she realises who she is and what she can do.
I was very entertained by the opposite of the title of the book and how these people, who are so different call themselves. If you want to know what that is I suggest you buy the book and read it.

Book review – The mark of a Druid

Title: The mark of a Druid
Author: Rhonda Carpenter
Genre: Fantasy

mark of a druid

If you are into past life experiences and Druids, then The Mark of a Druid is for you. Rhonda Carpenter created a fascinating tapestry where past and present are woven together. The plot is very well worked out and as the story progresses you learn more and more while at the same moment you start making false assumptions about ‘who did it’. I can fully recommend this book.

Book review – Sherdan’s Country

Title: Sherdan’s Country
Author: Jess Mountifield
Genre: Science Fiction

sherdan's country

Sherdan’s Country is the third book in Jess Mountifield’s trilogy around Sherdan Harper, a scientist with big ideas who follows a prophecy. In this last book Sherdan and Anya face the problem to regain control of his country, but also their personal lives still need some problem solving. Will they succeed in all this? I know, because I read the book. If you want to know, get your copy and find out.

I absolutely liked all three books. Mrs. Mountifield wrote a fascinating world with interesting characters and strong personalities, and I’m waiting for what she has in store for the reading world next!

Book review – Glass books of the dream eaters

Title: Glass books of the dream eaters
Author: Gordon Dahlquist
Genre: Steampunk

Yes, that’s quite a long title for a book but it’s worth it. In this book we meet a few people who, in normal circumstances, should never meet. A young lady from a distant island, the doctor of a Macklenburg prince, and a man whose life is spent on the lowest rungs on the social ladder. Still they come together, and all that because of the mysteries that envelope strange pieces of blue glass. What are these glass bits? Who made them, what do they plan with them, and – why can you see other people’s memories when you gaze into them?

These questions and many more are answered as you progress through the book which is written in a very interesting way, moving from one person’s view to another as new chapters reveal more and more about art, alchemy, dream and something called the Process

Book review – The Cloud Roads

Title: The Cloud Roads
Author: Martha Wells
Genre: Fantasy

the cloud roads

The Cloud Roads takes you to a fantastic fantasy world where amazing creatures live, fight and try to survive. Shifting Raksura and Fell, Dwei, and many kinds of groundlings who live in their various cities. Martha Wells did an amazing job creating this environment and the writing was so well done that I couldn’t get through the story fast enough. Which unfortunately means it ended far too soon as I reached the end quickly. I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series, The Serpent Sea. I have to know what happens with Moon and Jade after they won their mutual battle and the battle against their enemies, the Fell. Will they come back?

pride and prejudice

Book review – Pride and prejudice

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Genre: Classic romance

pride and prejudice

I was literally blown away by this book. Miss Austen produced a magnificent book with Pride and Prejudice. It’s witty and funny, and it also allowed me to have a peek into the way of life in that time. The difference in status and ‘importance’ between men and women was immense. But also it made me see how much life has progressed. For instance details like travel. A stretch of road that we’re used to do in about an hour by car would take more than half a day in those days!

It’s very unfortunate that Jane Austen died at so young an age; the world lost a brilliant writer far too soon.

Book review – Freak of Nature

Title: Freak of Nature
Author: Julia Crane
Genre: Scifi

A very interesting book with a good plot. Suppose you wake up not knowing who you are and you learn you’ve been turned into an expensive cyborg. All that because you decided to leave your body to science in case you die.

That is all I’ll divulge about the book. An interesting read but I can’t go over 3.5 stars because of the poor editing. I am not even sure if the story has been proofread consistently because there are several rather obvious errors in the text. If you can read over those then Freak of Nature is an interesting, quick read.

Book review – For such a time as this

Title: For such a time as this
Author: Jess Mountifield
Genre: Fantasy

“For such a time as this” is a delightful short story of an Elfen slave. The oriental setting is nicely detailed, and the story has a nice, consistent flow to it.

If you like Elves, kings, a nice touch of romance and a few surprises, this little book won’t disappoint you.

(Short book, short review, so no chance of spoilers!)

Book review – The Rook

Title: The Rook
Author: Daniel O’Malley
Genre: Fantasy

The Rook is a surprise. It starts with a puzzle, and this puzzle gets taken apart throughout the book, where more and more becomes clear. This happens in many books, but the way Mr O’Malley did this is master-crafted.

A strange awakening, mysterious letters and amazing powers that unfold in more and more people are a touch of The Rook. If you like fantasy and supernatural powers, stacked up on a nice mystery, you will do yourself a favour by reading this book.