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Book review – The Coming Storm

Title: The Coming Storm Author: Valerie Douglas Genre: Fantasy Rating: () The Coming Storm is one of those books that suck you into a different world, one you hate to leave whenever you have to put the book down. Even worse than that: after finishing it, I had to run over and get the last book in the trilogy because I… (more…)

Book review – The Way of Wyrd

Title: The Way of Wyrd Author: Brian Bates Genre: Beliefs, awareness Rating:  The Way of Wyrd by Brian Bates A very interesting and surprising read indeed. Experiencing how a devout Christian undergoes the world of Pagans and how he grows through that while being able to stay true to himself is very impressive. Mr Bates also shows that there are… (more…)

Book review – The Chronicles of M.

Title: The Chronicles of M. Author: Nicholas Foristal Genre: Fantasy Rating:  The book looked like an interesting read, about a man who’s assigned to watch over a superhero. This sounds incredible, and that was my reason to acquire the book. It’s well written and has a nice pace, smart quips and other things that make a book good for me.… (more…)

Book Review – KHE

Title: Khe Author: Alexes Razevich Genre: Science Fantasy Rating:  If you like “science fantasy” with a (for me) fresh approach, you’ll like Khe. Khe takes you to a wonderful, new world with a very special species and their own physical traits and differences, still recognisable enough to identify with. I like how the world of this story is created, so… (more…)

Book review – Wuthering Heights

Title: Wuthering Heights Author: Emily Brontë Genre: Victorian Novel Rating:  Impressed. That is the first word I have to say about Wuthering Heights, a novel that was first published in 1847. It’s still seen as one of the best works in English literature, and after reading it I can only agree (which doesn’t mean I have read the entire English… (more…)

Book Review – Alternating Current

Title: Alternating Current Author: John Agostino Genre: Thriller Rating:  I discovered this book while it was available for free on Amazon, and since its back cover text mentioned Nicola Tesla I had to read this. After all, Tesla was a genius and he is also a star in many Steampunk books. William Trbojevic, to most people better known as Turbo… (more…)

Book review – Escaping Destiny

Title: Escaping Destiny Author: Jeffrey Pierce Genre: Fantasy Rating:  Escaping Destiny. It sounds difficult, and the unlikely group of people who meet up for a very strange voyage can vouch that it is difficult. Kai the warrior and his Fae lover and friend Ko’laru lead a group of people of an enormous variety of training over a path that is surprising,… (more…)

Book review – Shadow Games

Title: Shadow Games Author: Doug Welch Genre: Fantasy Rating:  When a twin brother and sister, Paris and Alexandra Fox, learn about the death of their parents, they plan to visit their town of birth temporarily. Strange people who observe them, mysteries in their father’s computer, and uncanny revelations from their attorney make that their stay in town is prolonged more… (more…)

Book review – Mortal Engines

Title: Mortal Engines Author: Philip Reeve Genre: Scifi, Steampunk Rating:  Far in the future, very far into it actually, cities will be on the move. How they do it, you can find out in “Mortal Engines”, the first book in the “Predator Cities” series where Tom Natsworthy, Historian Assistant Class 3, has the time of his life, and that life… (more…)

Book review – Sherdan’s Legacy

Title: Sherdan’s Legacy Author: Jess Mountifield Genre: Science Fiction Rating:  Note – this review may contain spoilers on the first book! Proceed at own risk.   Sherdan’s Legacy is the second book in the Sherdan series. It picks up where book one left off, with Anya and Sherdan both facing their own set of problems. The new country is getting… (more…)