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Dear reader,

Paperback news

What fun is there to report? First of all I’ve taken a small step for man but a giant step – oh, wait. Wrong note. Sorry, Mr Armstrong. At least the small step is true. Until a while ago I put all the paper books on Amazon now has a paperback system in place and I’ve initiated the process of putting Hilda’s first adventure out there on paper. So far I must say I like the way Amazon has created the system and I’m looking forward to receiving the print proof of the booklet. It should reach me on February 20th or 21st.

I’ve added a new cover to that book. If it all looks nice I’m going to update the cover for the e-book as well. This is what the new cover will look like:

More Hilda news:

I’m almost done reworking the chapters for Hilda 21 so there’s nice progress there. Writing Hilda 22 is going well also, I may be approaching the end of book 22 soon. After that, indeed, the reworking starts again but it will be different. 21 will then be 22. 😀

Baba Yaga news

As you may recall, I started writing Baba Yaga’s story last November. It’s still not done, although I am crawling towards the end on that story also. It’s a very different type than the Hilda series, which keeps surprising me. It does fit the story though, so I’m hopeful that everyone who read it (when I’m finally all done with it) will agree.

A question to you

Which stories do you like best? The Hilda’s? The Wanted books? The Steampunk books? Anything else? I’m really curious because I think it’s time to mainly focus on the kind of books people really want to read. At times it feels as if I’m spreading myself too thin by writing so many different genres.

I’m looking forward to your reactions!


Book review: The Time Traveller’s Wife

The Time Traveler's WifeThe Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whoa. What a read. So impressive.

I understand that many people have difficulties reading this book as it’s not a linear read. Time travelling isn’t linear, it takes you from place to place but also from time to time. If you can’t deal with a book jumping around the clock and the calendar then this might not be for you but…

If you like such books… this is certainly a book for you to enjoy.

Henry and Clare aren’t your usual couple. Their relationship is endearing and the school example of “it’s complicated”. I shan’t spoil anything more for you in that respect.

The book is well-written and has a great pace. There is a lot of character backstory but not too much. I really got to know the main characters and enjoyed living with them during the read of this book.

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What a writer does in the new year

Yes, what does a writer do in a new year?

He writes. Unless the writer is a lady, in that case she writes.

That’s about it in a nutshell. Of course I’d be a poor writer if I left it at that.

First of course there’s my darling Hilda. Hilda and I are doing well. Carol’s still working on checking the 21st story, and I’m busy writing number 22.

Twenty-two Hilda stories… Imagine that. I had never thought nor even dare to think of a series about the wicked witch when I put that first little story online. What a ride. Or rather: what a flight!


But there’s more! There’s still last year’s NanoWrimo story!

Baba Yaga
This probably isn’t Baba Yaga.

That’s true.

In November 2017 I challenged myself to write two Nanowrimo stories, one in Dutch and one in English. The English one is going really well. The story of Baba Yaga when she was gone from Rompford for some years is growing. It’s well over 160 pages now.

I seriously appreciate how this story is unfolding. It surprises me. It’s also very unlike the lighthearted Hilda-stories. Just so you know. But that doesn’t make it less of a story, I think. Baba Yaga, after all, is a totally other personality than Grimhilda is, and this story shows a lot of what shaped her.

So you see, I’m busy as busy can be. I’m still trying to write faster than you can read but so far I’m failing miserably. Do forgive me.



As the year draws nearer to the end…

Yes, dear reader,

2017. Fare thee well.


There’s no escape. 2017 is almost behind us. Just today, tonight, and tomorrow. Then it’s done. Wrapped up.

Did this year bring you good things? Things you hoped for? I can only hope so. My year was lots of things.

Entertaining. I started a new job this year. So far so good, we’ll see what the future brings.

Writing. Several new books came out this year, something I’m always proud of. Writing is one thing for a writer. Getting the book all ready and out into the world is different beast. So far I feel I’m on the right track. There are several books in the pipeline as I type this, including a very interesting SciFi story that I’m so far calling Story X. Simply because I have no clue what the title will be.

Right, I’m not going to make this a mile-long post about everything that happened and should have happened and didn’t happen and such. I’ll simply wish you a great end of this year and a fabulous start of the new year. May that bring you good things and beautiful books. 🙂

Book review – Blood Curse, by Ursula Visser

Dear reader,

You may not know this writer. Ursula Visser is Dutch, like I am. And like me, that doesn’t stop her from writing in English.

I read her English book “Blood Curse”.

blood curse

“Blood curse” is the first book in Ursula’s “Dragon Queen” series.

I found it a well-written book with lots of speed. The characters were interesting and some of them quite stubborn (which is a good thing). In this book we meet the main character, Mara. We also meet dragons (which, seeing the series title, isn’t a big surprise).

Adventures are stacked on top of each other, mixed with surprises and revelations that Mara couldn’t have dreamed of. Near the end of the book there was a surprise I hadn’t even dreamed of. I can recommend it. If you are interested in learning more about Mara, you can find the e-book at The BlackSheep Indie website.

Life, the universe and everything

Life, the universe and everything

Yes, I thought this a nice one to use as a title. It’s a great book by the late Douglas Adams in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. If you don’t know it but you laughed about The Story of the Mimosa, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Nanowrimo is in the past but life isn’t

So I have returned to writing the way I prefer to write. Not like a November Maniac but like the more ordinary kind of maniac. Things like work and offline life occasionally make that hard, but also the fact that I was publishing a new Dutch book took up some time. Especially laying out the inside of the book took some time but the cover was a lot of work too.

470 pages of words up there. The title, translated into English, is “Sunworld, Shadowworld”. It turned into an urban fantasy. Yes, at first I wasn’t sure what it would be.

But back to English

I’ve returned to Hilda. Book 21 for edits and book 22 for writing. It’s all going well, even when after November I had to reread a few parts to get back into story 22.

The Baba Yaga story is still growing and goodness, does that have a few surprises up its pages! More than once I stopped writing and sat here with an “okay… what?” Once again: this book is not the funny stuff you’re used to with Hilda. There’s some really grim reaping going on with Babs, but I promise it’s nothing you can’t handle. Well, let me put that differently: I hope it’s nothing you can’t handle.


Next to all that I’ve started writing down things about a science fiction story I’ve been messing with in my head. I blame podcasts for that. I’ve fallen in love with Stuff you should know, Stuff they don’t want you to know and the Stuff to blow your mind podcasts. They are great to learn stuff and with me they trigger all kinds of finicky things to put into a story. Or two. Who knows.

Here’s a little taste of a part of the first chapter I wrote in Story X, which is my code name for it. (Simply because I don’t have a proper title yet.)

“Grahau,” she cursed while she made the bionic fingers slide back into her palms. With those things unsheathed she’d destroy her face by simply rubbing it.

“Zaeden, you and your foul mouth…” Gayla blinked his eyes as he looked at her. “When are you finally going out with me? You excite me. I know this great holo-bar where you can get into all kinds of shit without getting into trouble. And I could show you my new…”

“Shut it, Gayla,” she said as she hoisted herself to her feet. “I’m not interested in your holo-crap nor in whatever modifications you had done to yourself.”


That’s the update for now. Have a great weekend, and stay warm when you’re in the northern hemisphere!


If ever you need an adventurer, here’s where he is!

Dear reader!

I am not sorry for shouting! There is a new book available!

Wanted: adventurer

In this sequel to “Wanted: hero” we follow Sabas and his alien bride Reny as they are looking for their own home. When they receive an invitation to visit the Souverein and his family again, they are immediately up for the journey there. A concert and meeting someone who works in a library are the starting points for an adventure into an area on Nilib-6 that Sabas has never heard of. Remarkable encounters and unexpected discoveries are the fast paced elements of this new trip for the two. Will they ever get home? Why do they go up in the air? And will Sabas and Reny succeed in becoming parents? You can find the answer to these and more questions in “Wanted: adventurer”.

Much time has passed for this one.

It took me a  long time to write this book. That’s the problem with a head full of ideas and projects, a job outside writing and several other things concerning this oddity called ‘life’.

I hope you will appreciate this book. I loved writing it and exploring the world of Nillib-6 for you. Follow in the footsteps of our heroes and spend some time in Oldness with them. If you don’t know where that is, take the next shuttle out there!

Where can you find it?

The e-book is available at Smashwords, Amazon,,,,,,,,, Barnes&Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo.

Unfortunately the paperback is still in the making. I’ll let you know when that’s available; I know there are still many people who prefer a paper book over an e-book, which I understand entirely!


Nanowrimo update and a short book review

Hello everyone,

It’s the reading writer again. Or the writing reader. Anyway works.

A few days ago I finished reading a book by Naomi Novick called ‘Uprooted’. The title was provoking enough for me. It is totally different from her Temeraire books but amazing in its own way. If you like magic, good characters, wicked evil and plots in plots, this is a read for you.


Next: Nanowrimo. Going strong and Baba Yaga is meeting more and more people. I’m still trying to find my way into getting her into the adventures she’s already mentioned but the story isn’t in a hurry. I hope that’s fine with you as you will have to read through all of that. I promise you it’s not boring though!

So far I’ve done 105 pages of the story and it’s going strong. So much for this update, I hope that next time will have something more interesting. Let me leave you with this snippet from the Baba Yaga story:

The wagoneers had a fast way of doing things. While the first half went for food, the other half dealt with unloading things that would stay in the town. Those were only a few crates and boxes. By the time they were done the other half was done eating and the unloaders went to eat. Supplies were bought and stored. By the time that was done everyone was ready to leave. Bearskin man, who introduced himself as Alexey (“Call me Al”) told Baba to get up on the driver’s seat of the first wagon. He grabbed the reins of the horses and climbed up as well. The other wagoneers gathered around and watched as he explained Baba how to guide the horses. “Slowly does it. They do the work. Just make sure you don’t jerk the reins.”

Babs felt quite insecure at first and at times wondered if she should throw in some magic to keep the two horses under control, but once she had figure out the movement and the way to steer them, the animal almost moved by themselves. “This is fun,” she said in the end.

“I know,” Al said. “And you have a feel for them, I can tell. Dolopov will be pleased to learn that a cute girl is taking control of his wagon.”

“Dolopov? That’s an odd name.”

Al nodded. “It’s from up north. He is too. Now turn this thing around, get us back and then put the wagon at the front of the line again.”

That of course was easier said than done but with some tips and tricks from Alexey she managed it. When the wagon was ‘parked’ Babs felt some sweat trickle down her neck. “That was… interesting.” Al praised her though. He said it was some fancy driving she’d done, which wasn’t bad for a newbie.

“Where are you heading to?” Al asked after they’d climbed down from the wagon.

“I’m not sure. I’m on an adventure journey,” Babs said, sticking to the truth. She realised her reply sounded strange.

An update on the Nanowrimo goings on.

Yes, dear reader, it’s still going strong. Nanowrimo in all its madness. And I’m still working on both stories, the English one and the Dutch one. The Dutch one has taken the lead in word count but that’s fine. Both stories are about witches, my favourite subject.

The story of Baba Yaga surprised me quite a lot already. I hope it will do so for you as well but you’ll have to wait for it “a little longer”. It’s not done yet, which is one of the best reasons. 😉

I hadn’t thought that Babs’ journey would be such an interesting one. I can’t emphasise it enough: it is not a fun and laughter story like the Hilda books but it feels like a very good story.

So far I’ve written 62.000 words of the needed 50.000 but considering that I’m doing 2 stories I am aiming for 100.000 words of course. Well, let’s get on with it (after chasing my cat Obsi through the hall a few times; he’s begging for that!)

Obsidian (a.k.a. Obsi)

Wanted: waiting people. Do you feel adventurous?

Greetings, dear reader!

Are you one of the people who’ve been waiting for the sequel to the adventures of Sabas and Reny who so bravely fought the Lergesh on Nilib-6? Let me bring you some good news:

The wait is almost over!

With gratitude to Renée Barratt for yet an excellent cover, I am proud to announce that “Wanted: adventurer” is being prepared for publication. The plan is to have the e-book out there on the first day of December of this year at all the usual gathering places like Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and so forth.

As usual the paperback will take a little longer, the more as I’ve decided to change printers for the Wanted-books.

If you want to know what this new book is about, read on:

In this sequel to “Wanted: hero” we follow Sabas and his alien bride Reny as they are looking for their own home. When they receive an invitation to visit the Souverein and his family again, they are immediately up for the journey there.

A concert and meeting someone who works in a library are the starting points for an adventure into an area on Nilib-6 that Sabas has never heard of. Remarkable encounters and unexpected discoveries are the fast paced elements of this new trip for the two.

Will they ever get home? Why do they go up in the air? And will Sabas and Reny succeed in becoming parents? You can find the answer to these and more questions in “Wanted: adventurer”.