How writing a sequel can be scary

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A Girl Named Sandy

I have started to write a sequel to “A Girl named Sandy“. I knew this would happen as I left the ending of the first book wide open. The amazing thing though is that it scared me to start this second book. Why would it scare me to write this next book after putting out so many other books?

The reason may sound too simple: “Sandy” for me is the best book I’ve ever written. Now I am facing the challenge to top that book, or at least make it as good as the first book. And that is not an easy task, the more as I am still at the foot of that mountain I intend to climb.

I’ll keep you informed of the progress that I make, the problems and challenges I encounter and maybe even the great things I discovered!

One thought on “How writing a sequel can be scary”

  1. I’m quite familiar with this feeling. It’s always the fear of not being good enough, of creating something that won’t fall flat on its face – especially if the first part is great.

    I suppose the only way you can overcome this is to write the story anyway. And then edit the heck out of it, and be critical. I think you’d be surprised how well it’ll turn out.

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