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Dear reader,

I’ve changed my writing ‘system’. (Didn’t even know I had one, but okay.) Until a while ago I just grabbed a story that I fancied and wrote more in that. That does have the drawback that other good stories (that are not so easy to write) will remain untouched to gather dust. I now plan to take on 1 story (or story-set) per week. This week it is the novel of Lily Marin, and so far I have added 2.5 chapters to it already, so it pays off.
No idea what I’ll take on next week. Hilda 12, the two Sebastian scifi stories (same story, I’m writing it in Dutch and English simultaneously), or the fantasy story Rubanna that I’m messing about with since a while, but not on a regular basis.

This way of writing, I think, will keep me into each story more. I noticed that I had to reread a lot of Lily before I was into that storyline again. And I made another discovery: I need to put more of her back-story into the first few chapters. People who haven’t read the 6 short stories shouldn’t be puzzled by references to people from these 6.

Oy. This might mean that I am growing as a writer, making this kind of planning. Well, let’s see if I can stick to it.

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