The best order for Hilda’s books

I notice there seems to be some wonder about the best order to read about Hilda’s adventures. Let me see if I can figure this out. 😉

  1. Hilda the Wicked Witch – in which we meet Hilda. 
  2. Hilda – Snow White revisited – the true story of Snow White. The Grimm brothers of course got it all wrong. 
  3. Hilda – The Challenge – Hilda faces a challenge from a powerful sorcerer and gets help from an unexpected side. 
  4. Hilda and Zelda – A battle of magic between magical people. 
  5. Hilda – Cats – Hilda and friends are called to the rescue by Snow White. 
  6. Hilda – Lycadea – our witch goes on a very strange adventure. 
  7. Hilda – Back to school – where a vacation has a strange twist. 
  8. Hilda – Dragon Master – Hilda and William investigate a strange theft.
  9. Hilda – Aiaia – Hilda and William Hilda and William receive a cry for help from one of Hilda’s former schoolmates. Of course, Hilda is going to do all she can to help, even if they have to travel to Aiaia. 
I would suggest this order, as this is the order in which I wrote the books. Every newer book can refer back to characters that were introduced earlier.
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  1. love the series, i get a great chuckle out of the books considering i know most of the witches and stories talked about….especially the ones in Snow White Revisited book…

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