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Hilda – Aiaia news

Dear reader, Hilda – Aiaia, the ninth book  in the series around the wicked witch, is now also available through Barnes&Noble for the NOOK reader, and through Apple’s iTunes. Of course the published books-page shows this, but I think it is good to let everyone know through this medium as well. Enjoy Hilda – Aiaia!

B&N goes international

From ShelfAwareness: B&N’s International Plan: Nook Stores, Distribution Partnerships Barnes & Noble plans to launch Nook digital bookstores in 10 countries within 12 months, the Bookseller reported, noting that a 10-K form filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission “said the international expansion plans were part of its partnership with Microsoft, announced earlier this year.” According to the document, B&N is… (more…)

Writers and reviewers

Dear reader, There is apparently a never-ending battle between writers and the reviewers of their work. M. Edward McNally has written a wonderful piece about this, over on Indies Unlimited: This is not the first time somebody here at Indies Unlimited has opined about the writer-reviewer relationship. Our illustrious Evil Mastermind, Stephen Tiberius Hise, did a not one, not two, but threepart investigation only last… (more…)

The localisation of e-readers

Dear reader, I did a little snooping around over various websites, to find out what is considered the best e-reader for which purpose. The results were not very surprising (at least not for me). Basically it all depends on where you live combined with what you are looking for. There is no real ‘best e-reader’. When you live in the… (more…)

A picture…

A picture tells a thousand words, as the saying goes. I discovered though, that same picture can tell different words depending on the person watching. In that respect the right words are much better. For this, we have writers. – Paul Kater

Bill Gates Doesn’t Believe Tablets Belong in the Classroom

from The Digital Reader by Nate Hoffelder  Love him or hate him, Bill Gates has been a strong influence on tech, education, and many other fields. The Chronicle posted an interview of Bill Gates yesterday, and they talked with him about a wide variety of topics. The complete interview is well worth a read, but I’m mainly interested in what Bill had to say about… (more…)

Paper books. E-books. The core is…

Dear reader, I think that for myself I have decided that the brawl over paper books and e-books and what is better is a non-issue. It is the same kind of argument as why people like a specific colour better, or a brand of car, or a particular kind of cereal. The core part in the debate is book. It is… (more…)

Lily Marin’s steampunk adventures

Dear reader, I am wondering about something. I’ve written a set of short steampunk stories, 3 are out in a book, 3 are pending for that. I discovered however that writing these stories is very… difficult. Cumbersome. Slow. I really like the stories how they come out, but they drive me insane. Also, the number of downloads is not that… (more…)

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Indie promotion

My my, dear reader, how time keeps fleeting. One Monday goes by, and the next is on the threshold again. I guess this means it is time once more for today’s Indie Promotion: The Dark Lake by Anthea Carson Ebook Short Description: Something is wrong with Jane. Something that dates back at least twenty years and that involves her little blue… (more…)