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It is Monday again. This makes it Indie Promotion time. Today:

Benny and the Bank Robber 2: Doctor Dad

by Mary C. Findley.

Ebook Short Description: With Jeremy Carlisle freed from prison and the promise of an exciting future together in marriage to his mother, Benny Richardson is sure there can be no more trouble in his life. But simple things like a wedding and a trip West just kept getting pushed further and further into the future. Benny still finds out how many ways God can make “all things new,” how a trick-playing black stallion can help pay for a medical license, and how there can be one or two more things “made new” before he finally has a home with a mother and a father.

Benny and the Bank Robber has a special Christmas ending, which makes it a special read for everyone who likes that time of year.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on If you want to know more about the author, visit her on Facebook.

How green are e-books?

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On another website ( I found this image, which is quite an eye-opener with respect to the cost and energy needed to make paper books compared to e-books. Have a look at it and be surprised. (It’s behind the cut, to spare the readers who are on RSS feeds etc.) Continue reading “How green are e-books?”

Barnes & Noble planning to open a Dutch ebook store

via TeleRead: News and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics by Paul Biba


From a Google translation of an article on the Dutch site Ereaders:

The American bookstore chain Barnes & Noble (B & N) plans to deploy a Dutch ebook store to open andstart selling on the Nook-ereader. B & N is in discussion with Central Book House on a link for Dutch digitalbooks to sell. Also state B & N recently registered with the Chamber of Commerce.According to Mathijs Suidman, Manager of Product Management of the Central Book House, B & N as well as other parties such as Apple and Kobo be connected to the Central Book House for the supply ofebooks to sell and provide feedback to publishers. “In the context of the digital platform, we agree the schedule when any party to conclude with the publishers in the focus group. For Nook is still no agreeddate.“

According to an extract from the register of the Chamber of Commerce is Barnes & Noble sinceDecember 20, 2011 registered in the Netherlands. If activity is stated: “The conduct of activities concerning research and development, production, publication, trade, marketing, sales and distribution with respect to, but not limited to, print and digital content, e-readers and other electronic devices and other products and services. “

That Barnes & Noble has international expansion plans, has been known for several months. At first it seemed that the company will mostly focus on Britain would, but now including the Netherlands in the picture. B & N in the Netherlands will compete with other major international party, Kobo, who last week officially opened a Dutch shop and market in cooperation with Libris enters.

Barnes & Noble has an ereader – the Nook Simple Touch – and two 7-inch tablets in the range. The company began in 2009 with the sale of ebooks and ebook readers.

Being Dutch, I had to cross-post this of course.

Writer’s Café – And now what?

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Let us look at the stage where you have (sort of) finished your writing, and you are ready to take the next step. After all, you did not write your masterpiece to let it sit in Writer’s Café, did you?

Writer’s Café saves all its information in a specific file format which is of no use to any program except Writer’s Café, so sending such a file off to a proofreader is not a smart thing, unless that person also owns the software. For this you can export your work. The export function is available in the file menu, it’s called “Export”:

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