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The time of a chapter

Dear reader, I have been thinking. No, do not worry, please. It did not hurt. Not much anyway. Some time ago I gave some thought to the time I spent on the average chapter of the last three books I wrote. With that I mean the actual first writing, then the reading of it to see if it makes some… (more…)

Indie Promotion

Dear reader, It is Monday again, so I present to you: today’s Indie Promotion: Immortal Link by Uta Burke Ebook Short Description: Fifteen-year-old Catholine Kennan has these two cool, gorgeous brothers, the kind every girl wishes to have. They protect and care about their younger sister. They are hot. They are funny. They are also extremely troubled by what one… (more…)

An Android tablet for Children

Oregon Scientific has announced the MEEP! Android tablet for Kids, dear reader. Now this has not directly something to do with reading and writing, I do think it is significant, because this way children will be immersed into the world of words much easier. After all, tablets are not only about pictures, also about words. The MEEP! will have a… (more…)

Amazon and foreign languages

Dear reader, It seems that Amazon is doing some very strange things with respect to foreign languages. On the friendly website of, I found this article, which I will post here verbatim: (start quote) Amazon Is Removing from Kindle Store Books Published in Unsupported Languages The international policy of Amazon is mysterious. They ship Kindle Touch to over 170… (more…)

Traditional publishers should learn from self-publishers

Does self-publishing represent a threat to traditional publishers, or perhaps an opportunity? A number of people in the publishing industry seem dismissive of self-publishing writers or their numbers. But Philip Jones of FutureBook thinks that this is a mistake. He notes that readers who buy cheap self-published books will be spending time reading them that they might otherwise have spent reading… (more…)

Page-turning in Ebooks Now Gets Much Smarter [Video]

Do you miss the paper feel in ebooks? Developers of ebook applications have always been trying to imitate the sensation of paper, and one of the most obvious ways was page-turning animation. KAIST Institute of Information Technology Convergence developed a whole new concept of page-flipping for ebooks. Watch the video to see how many possibilities we will have when it’s introduced.… (more…)

Writing update

I am going to focus on finishing the children’s story now. 1 more chapter, I think. It’s on 34000 words now, and the 20th chapter just started. Don’t want to make this book too long, as it’s for children, and also the first one. I’m testing the waters, so to speak. Sorry, Hilda fans, you’ll have to wait.

Featured quote

I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live. – Francoise Sagan

Hilda on paper (the library is growing)

Dear reader, With much pleasure I can announce that at this moment 5 Hilda-books are also available in print. Unfortunately I am not yet so famous and important that you can run into your local bookstore to obtain a copy, if you would like one, but printed copies are available. Here you can see the covers of the actual books.… (more…)

Kindle Devices: Availability and Prices for International Users

KINDLE 4 | PHOTO: AMAZON.CO.UK In this post I’ll track changes in prices and availability of Kindle devices for non-US customers. I’ll update it every time a price will change or a new model will become available. The chart below lists devices in Kindle Stores localized in six countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Kindle devices from US… (more…)