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Lily Marin

Dear reader, I have noticed that occasionally people are searching this site for book 4 of Lily Marin. I have good new and bad news. The good news is that short story 4 of Lily Marin already exists. Also number 5 is done. I am working on number 6, to bring out a new three-story book of our Steampunk heroine.… (more…)

The Problem With Ebook Daily Deals

from Ebook Friendly » Tips & More by Piotr Kowalczyk Kindle Daily Deal / Amazon I’m tracking Kindle Daily Deal since the very beginning. I’m also watching Kindle Daily Deal in UK and Germany, as well as Nook Daily Find – B&N’s answer to ebook deals from Amazon. It actually doesn’t take a lot of time to notice that those deals are about the attractiveness of the price, not the book.… (more…)

Smashwords interviews its authors

Dear reader, to my delight I discovered the first of a series of interviews that Smashwords conducts with some of its successful authors. Allow me to share part of, and the link to the first one: Smashwords Author Profile: Shayne Parkinson (Mark’s note: This is the first in an ongoing series of Smashwords author profiles. The interviews are conducted by… (more…)

Interesting news about Paypal and the writing industry

Dear reader, After a previous post about Smashwords removing certain kinds of erotica (link to post), another writer pointed me today to an online article that shows more background about the reason for Mark Coker, Smashword’s founder, to take this step. It seems that PayPal, for some reason, is taking it upon themselves to become a police for morality: Adult content… (more…)

Indie Promotion

Dear reader, It is Monday again. You have probably come to expect this: today’s Indie Promotion: Death by Broken Heart by Candy Little Ebook Short Description: Bailey Rhodes is used to running away from problems. When she returns to her hometown for a class reunion, and runs into her old boyfriend, Randy, she struggles to keep her emotions and past hurts… (more…)

Pointing out a children’s book

Dear reader, As I am in the process of producing a children’s book myself, it might be of interest to point out another children’s book to you. Maybe it is of interest.   Spunky, by Sherile Reilly. $2.99 from   Tap dancing and riding her dilapidated bike are ten-year old Sarah Crawford’s, better known as Spunky, favorite activities. After… (more…)

Smashwords and erotica

Dear reader, Quite the storm seems to have come up over the decision of’s owner Mark Coker, to “ban erotica” from Smashwords. People who just see the headline and go into a hissy-fit over censorship and an attack on free speech, should take the time to read the entire article, which is available in the Smashword pressroom. Here are… (more…)

Book review – Heat Rises

Title: Heat Rises Author: Richard Castle Genre: Detective Rating:  Heat Rises is the third book in the series coming from the series “Castle”. We return to the lives of police detective Nikki Heat and writer Jameson Rook. Problems arise in every area of their lives, and things get really difficult when they find out that their attempts to find the truth… (more…)

All Hilda books are now available on paper

Dear reader, Just this afternoon I received the last 3 proofs of the Hilda books “Cats”, “Lycadea” and “Back to school”, and they are just fine: I am more than just a little bit pleased with this, as you may understand. On the page which shows all books that have been published so far ( link ) are all the… (more…)

Writer’s Café – reports

Dear reader and user of Writer’s Café, This post I want to address the reporting function of Writer’s Café. A report is a quick way to see how your work would look when it is displayed in a word processor or in print. Accessible by mouse or on the press of F6 (Linux, Windows), a report will be generated and… (more…)