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Welcome, dear reader, to another venture into Writer’s Café.

This time a look behind the scenes, where the characters of a story live. It is very easy to keep track of who lives inside a story, when you make use of the characters-table built into Writer’s Café. Likewise, in the location-table, it is convenient to describe how the places look where your characters like to go to.

You can find these places over the left top window, where you usually find the outline:

Character tab

In the shaky circle you see the Characters tab, and to its right is the Locations tab.

Clicking the Characters tab shows you an image like this:

Character definition

In this window (there are many more fields you can use), you can define your character as elaborately as you like. Now suppose there is a type of information you miss, or a field you want faster access to. You can then right-click in a space in this window that is not an input field, and select “Edit schema” from the popup menu.

This will take you to a screen like this one:

Character schema

Here you can add fields, move fields up or down, and remove fields, for this specific project. For instance. you can move the notes-field up so you immediately see it when you open a character:

Character schema altered

Or you can add a field to describe, for instance, pets, if that is important in your story. In the same manner you can use and influence the Locations table in your Storylines project.

Remember: you can get a free trial version of Writer’s Café at the Writer’s Café website. Writer’s Café runs on Microsoft Windows, just about any flavour of Linux, and on Mac computers.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Café – keeping track of your characters”

  1. Paul, thanks so much for posting this! I’m a longtime user of WC (since version 1), and I’m still surprised by new ways to leverage it in creating and managing stories.

    I’ve not played much with the character schema until now, simply because I haven’t yet found a way to fit it into my writing process, but I think this might give me a good reason to look for a way to actively wedge it in there.

  2. I only just discovered Writer’s Cafe. I have version 1.26. I am very sure I haven’t figured out everything, but I love it. It seems to really mesh with the way I naturally construct a story, allowing me to hop here and there, and instead of leaving scraps or notecards all over my house, I can keep everything in the one interconnected file. So far I’ve mapped out 3 characters, 4 settings, 9 scene descriptions for one story, and written 6 of the scenes’ contents. 6500 words! I haven’t been this productive in nearly a year!

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